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Pistol Instructor Class

NRA instructor_logoWe will be teaching the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Certification Course in August.

This Course includes the Basic Instructor course, so you are getting two courses for the price of one.  The course will be held at Asherbranner’s Pawnshop in Gallatin TN the weekend of August 16-17. (more…)

The Prepper Next Door

The Prepper Next Door

The-prepper-next-door1When I got this book in the mail, and opened it for the first time, I thought “Man that’s a lot of stuff”. After reading it I have to say, go with your gut, because this book does have a lot of information.

This book is jam packed with information, and has a reference section in the back that links to several well known prepper websites and YouTube Channels. I really appreciate it when authors give me ways to get more information, because if I liked the information they gave, and the way they have processed it, then it is pretty likely that I will find there references useful also. (more…)

Mental Readiness

indexMental readiness is the state of being mentally prepared – this can either mean you are ready to learn from the situation you are in OR can put your knowledge skills and attitudes into practice to optimally deal with the situation you are in.

As a firearms instructor, I try to learn from coaches and other trainers about all manner of sports medicine and performance enhancement – I was recently reading an article on mental readiness from Watt Works that gave some great tips on how to maximize mental readiness through training for an upcoming event – while this is not exactly prepping or self-defense, it does have some very close parallels.

First off, I noticed that he uses a key concept of my coaching style – which is to use positive mental talk – instead of “don’t jerk the trigger” instead focus on what you want to happen “press the trigger smoothly to the rear until the shot breaks”