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Pistol Instructor Class

NRA instructor_logoWe will be teaching the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Certification Course in August.

This Course includes the Basic Instructor course, so you are getting two courses for the price of one.  The course will be held at Asherbranner’s Pawnshop in Gallatin TN the weekend of August 16-17. (more…)

U.S. Marine Guidebook

U.S. Marine Guidebook

U.S.-Marine-GuidebookEverything there is to know about the essentials of life as a Marine. From fitness to first aid to firing positions, this book covers all subjects in which every troop, regardless of rank, must maintain proficiency. Learn the Military’s Code of Conduct, understand the Dos and Don’ts of surviving as a POW, and grasp the foundation of military law. Find out about Marine customs, uniforms, and drills. Follow the Marine Corps fitness routines to get into the best shape of your life. Read the detailed section on first aid and learn how to perform CPR, make braces for broken limbs, dress and bandage wounds, improvise slings, and transport injured victims. Find out about the symptoms and treatment of chemical agents and learn how to safely travel through a contaminated area. Also included in the U.S. Marine Guidebook are marksmanship requirements; navigation tactics; and nuclear, biological, and chemical defense.

The U.S. Marine Guidebook details procedure during combat, including code of conduct in war and when to use deadly force. Because these subjects are first taught and tested during recruit training, they are the distinctive qualities of a Marine and his training. Anyone who is interested in what makes a Marine the strong, brave, and skilled individual he or she must be will find this book fascinating. 200 B&W

This guide is an updated version of the one issued to me when I was at Paris Island in the 90′s, but it is still a great tool to get up to speed on defensive and offensive maneuvers, as well as all things military. (more…)

Foxfire 6

foxfire-6Like Foxfire 9 that we reviewed earlier, this is a great historical documentary to teach us how our ancestors lived prior to rural electrification.

Foxfire 6 deals with shoemaking, children’s toys, musical instruments, wooden locks, and has a very interesting story of a rural genius that powered a sawmill using salvaged car transmissions, axles, and differentials turned by a waterwheel from his own homemade dam.