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Building with Tires #1 Introduction

building-with-tiresI have been interested in sustainable building for decades – I remember sitting in the birthing area of the USS Saipan in the mid 1990’s reading about Earthships and missile silo homes.  For some reason I am very taken by the concept of rammed earth tires as a building material.  However, the idea of pounding 3 or 4 four wheelbarrows of dirt into a tire over the course of 45 minutes multiplied by the 1000-15000 tires per house keeps the idea in the back of mind instead in front of me under a swinging sledgehammer.

However, the technology has evolved and I recently found two sites that gave me some ideas that bring the concept back into focus.  The first is a place called Blue Rock Station.  They self published a neat little booklet about how to use tires as a foundation for other building designs.  This allows you to build with tires without solely building with tires.  Their concept allows the use of less cement, and is perfect for incorporating into cob, cordwood, or straw bale construction.


The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles
The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles
The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles

The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles


 About the Shepherd School:

Shepherd School

Shepherd School

The Shepherd School started in 2003 as a firearm training school. but as my training and experience grew, my mission evolved.  I still certify and mentor new firearm instructors as an NRA Training counselor, but I focus more on advocating for self reliance.

I believe that Americans need to spend more time learning how to take care of themselves and take personal responsibility for their lives.

I teach the benefits of the acquisition of knowledge and skill rather than gear.  To do this I leverage as many resources as I can.  I write books, I have hosted a podcast, and I have even allowed Doomsday Preppers to come and film some of my projects.

Since I believe proper techniques are more valuable than fancy equipment I focus on DIY Prepper Projects.  On this site alone I have over one thousand different articles that show how I make things to enhance my families preparedness.

I do the things I do for my family and myself, but I share it in the hopes that it is useful to you.

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This site is different because I don’t write about things I haven’t experienced.

While I may not always have the best way of doing things, and sometimes my DIY preparedness projects don’t work perfectly or are outright failures, every post is something I have done – not something that I have only read about.

I believe in actions over words.  I show what can be done, not what I think can be done.  I know that I can’t know everything, and that I have weakness – but I don’t let that stop me in my daily struggle to becoming more resilient.

I view prepping as a lifestyle, but I don’t hide in a bunker waiting for TEOTWAWKI or a SHTF situation.

Through my preparedness projects I have met smart and interesting people, gained skills, and created a resilient lifestyle all while having fun.

At the end of a hard day building something, I can take pride in new skills, take ownership in equipment that I understand because I built it, and create capabilities that I could not afford otherwise.

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