5 Hunting Safety Tips for Beginners

Hunting can be the most adventurous yet greatly dangerous outdoor sport. Therefore, making it as safe as possible for yourself as a hunter and the others in the locality is essential. This sport requires a set of weapons that, if not used with expertise and safety, can cause serious injury or even death.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn all the pre-requisites and method of safety rather than blindly heading out for it. There are even complete courses for hunters and even the people who live in the hunting areas.

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DIY Fridge Mat

DIY Fridge Mat
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I am not messy, but I am a little clumsy.  My wife is always getting on to me about spilling things.  When I saw this DIY Fridge Mat Pinterest, I jumped at the chance to show the wife some projects of mine can make HER life easier also.  It is all well and good to be handy.

However, f you can’t wow the wife occasionally then you won’t have anyone to be prepared for.

To make a fridge mat simply use plastic place mats on your fridge shelves.  If they get dirty it is much easier to take them out and clean them than it is to clean the actual shelf. Continue reading “DIY Fridge Mat”

Which Safe is Safest? How to Pick the Best Safe for Your Valuables

hand opened a safe, close up

In the market for a safe? Don’t make the mistake of buying one that’s not entirely secure. Find out what to look for so you know how to pick the best safe here.

Homeowners have been using safes for centuries to store everything from cash to expensive belongings. But how “safe” are these home safes anyway?

Back in 2015, a report showed how one North American home safe manufacturer released their latest model with just one single flaw, but that one flaw quickly turned into a security nightmare.

Forbes then interviewed an expert locksmith who was able to break into the 86-pound safe in question in just 60 seconds!

Stories like this aren’t uncommon.
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