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CPX Foxtrot

patriot Command Post Exercise Foxtrot (CPX Foxtrot) Discussion of the Hypothetical Use of an OpFor False Flag Attack as a FreeFor Line of Departure Action Date: 9:00 PM EST on Friday, 24 Feb 2012 Execution Date: (Hypothetical) IT IS AN IMPORTANT FACET OF THIS CPX THAT DISCUSSION OF THIS CPX AND ITS OBJECTIVES REMAIN PRIVATE, AS […] Continue reading →

Communications Plan

commo As an emergency management professional as well as a prepper I rely on the planning process to ensure that nothing “falls through the cracks”. One of my main worries is that my wife and I commute to work and we work in different counties. I travel a lot for work, and neither of us have […] Continue reading →

27 Prepper Precepts #8

rules I avoid ethical spirals, its better to admit you’re wrong up front and apologize rather than hide it and play the “big lie”. I’d rather take a small lump up front than a huge hit later for hiding my mistakes. (I learned this from the prison, where inmates constantly tried to get officers on the […] Continue reading →

DIY Battery Pack

battery Being a DIY’er is a lot like being a gun guy.  Any self respecting gun guy has (at one time or another) bought a gun simply because he had either a holster or an odd box of ammunition that he didn’t have a gun for. This DIY Battery Pack project is like that, I recently […] Continue reading →