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Thriftyvac Vacuum Sealer

Thrifty Vac Since oxygen is one of the primary enemies of food storage, preppers, homesteaders, and those living frugally can all benefit having the ability to vacuum seal food. The problem for preppers is that most vacuum sealing options are electrically operated. For the frugal, the problem is that most systems use proprietary bags that are expensive. […] Continue reading →

Cardboard Can Organizer Contest

pantry The winners have been notified of the contest – thanks to everyone that has participated Eric from Relentlessly Awesome won his choice of either the large or the small sized organizers and Conrad F won the other. If they don’t claim by the end of the week, we will select another winner… If you didn’t […] Continue reading →

Silver Contest Winner

CONTEST We have a winner, and I have contacted them for their mailing address, if I do not hear from them this week, I will select another. Thank you to all that participated, both in the contest, and the kickstarter project – Unfortunately it did not get funded, which means I will have to go slower […] Continue reading →

Free Kindle Book

index One of my favorite preppers, authors, and people – Gaye Levy, has been kind enough to offer her book 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life as a free kindle download in celebration of the 4th of July. I have read this book myself, and think that it is well worth your time to read, […] Continue reading →