Wouxun Programming and Unlocking Programs

Review Wuxun KG-UV3D Dual Band HandheldWhile you can find these Wouxun Programming programs pretty easily on the internet, you may have to log on to a forum or a download site to get the unblocking program. I figured I would put them all in one spot. My radio is the KG-UV3D model, but I am told the UV1 and UV2 models are the same but with different firmware – so the programs should all work on earlier models… Continue reading “Wouxun Programming and Unlocking Programs”

Book Review: Travis W Hughley’s Barrelponics Manual


This is one of the neatest designs for aquaponics I have seen.  It combines hydroponics and aquaculture, using fish wast to feed plants, and plants to filter the water for the fish.

This Barrelponics plan is a great idea, and uses scrap and common materials to build.  You should really visit his site, not just for the great information, but also to support his mission work to third world countries.

Here are the manuals you can download for free. Continue reading “Book Review: Travis W Hughley’s Barrelponics Manual”