Wouxun Programming and Unlocking Programs

Review Wuxun KG-UV3D Dual Band HandheldWhile you can find these Wouxun Programming programs pretty easily on the internet, you may have to log on to a forum or a download site to get the unblocking program. I figured I would put them all in one spot. My radio is the KG-UV3D model, but I am told the UV1 and UV2 models are the same but with different firmware – so the programs should all work on earlier models…

If you unlock the frequency ranges in your radio, you can then transmit on frequencies you probably aren’t licensed for. This is illegal and can get you in trouble. Also, while you can unlock the public safety channels, if the agency your trying to communicate with is using digital radios or a trunked system, your not going to be able to communicate.

FYI know what your doing…

The software is for windows, it may work on a mac with a windows emulator, but I haven’t tried it. Also the programming software has to find the right port, so you may hook it up and get an “failed” message, if that happens try again. It is not uncommon for me to have to try to download the radio setting two or three times to get everything connected. (You also need to buy a programming cable…)

Travis W Hughley’s Barrelponics Manual



This is one of the neatest designs for aquaponics I have seen.  It combines hydroponics and aquaculture, using fish wast to feed plants, and plants to filter the water for the fish.

This Barrelponics plan is a great idea, and uses scrap and common materials to build.  You should really visit his site, not just for the great information, but also to support his mission work to third world countries.

Here are the manuals you can download for free.

I have done a virus check before I uploaded them, but you may want to be prudent and check them when you do so.

You don’t have to use these manuals, but I find them to be good – especially at the price.

As I stated at the top of this post, all the documents here have been checked for copyright, and the content creators are fine with sharing of their works, but they do not want anyone making money from it.  I bought some PDF collections of survival manual online, and found these books on the disks.  Which is against the content creator’s wishes.

I figured I would provide them for free so you won’t have to search for them.