Free PDF: Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War

Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War
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This is a highly technical document showing the Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War.  It shows what would happen if multiple warheads were detonated on multiple continents.

However, as the majority of our knowledge on nuclear war comes from a single instance and lots of theory this document is based upon good science, but it is still only a hypothesis. Continue reading “Free PDF: Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War”

Free PDF: Typical Chemicals Found in Drug Labs

Typical Chemicals Found At Drug Lab Operations
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I am including this document on typical chemicals found at drug labs, because I don’t like drugs, I see way to many junkie thieves out ruining communities and doing anything to get their fix.  However, our current strategies aren’t working and meth addicts continue to find new ways to cook their poison and don’t care about the long term effects.

It is not a very well known fact, but it was a clandestine lab found at Waco that allowed the local government to request military assets in the stand off (Sooo that’s why congress declared a “war on drugs”).

As a haz-mat tech I have had a fair amount of training on clandestine lab recognition, and at my time with TEMA Operations I have taken several calls where new homeowners, landlords, and local police find chemicals in a home or outbuilding. Continue reading “Free PDF: Typical Chemicals Found in Drug Labs”

Free PDF: IED Safe Standoff Distance

IED Safe Standoff Distance
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In my day this information was classified, but I figure the terrorists that build bombs know how powerful a bomb they built.  Who doesn’t know is the people tasked with writing their agency bomb threat procedures.

I have been to more than one drill where the exercise controllers add in an IED (improvised Explosive Device) and the exercise participants get so involved in the exercise that they continue to work around the bomb.  I don’t understand that.  If you find a bomb – GET AWAY FROM IT!  go far away, don’t get out your cell phone.  If you can see the bomb, it can see you. Continue reading “Free PDF: IED Safe Standoff Distance”

Free PDF: A Guide to Radio Frequency Hazards with Electric Detonators

A Guide to Radio Frequency Hazards with Electric Detonators
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Frankly I don’t know much about Radio Frequency Hazards with Electric Detonators.  I joined the Marines to become a EOD Tech, but through some archane manipulations of recruiters my contract actually had me become a Tank Turret Technician.  Imagine my surprise.

Anyway, I have thousands of PDFs on a wide variety of prepper topics and I decided to start posting them on this site.

I am not really doing much to vet the material for usage – as someone thought it was useful enough to include in some variety of prepper DVD or to send to me, or to trade with me for my own collection of PDFs.

This PDF is a Guide to Radio Frequency Hazards with Electric Detonators, so if you ever wondered why there are signs in construction zones telling you to turn off your car radio in a blasting area, this document may shed some light on it – or it might not.  Who knows. Continue reading “Free PDF: A Guide to Radio Frequency Hazards with Electric Detonators”

Free PDF: Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons
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The Chemical Weapons link below is an excerpt from PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION, The US Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, Fifth Edition, 2001, Walton W. McCarthy, The American Civil Defense Association.

This chemical weapons excerpt is a good place to begin if you don’t know much about WMD and you want to learn how to protect yourself.

It talks about kinds of agents and how they work.  It also talks about basic concepts like persistence. Continue reading “Free PDF: Chemical Weapons”