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computerOn the old site I had the firearm manuals sorted alphabetically, but since I had to replace all the downloads, I found it easier to post all the manuals in one place.

If you don’t see what you need let me know, because my upload ability is throttled by my server, so I have some larger files that I cannot upload, if you have a particular file you need, but don’t see it, email me and I will see if I have it to email you.  Or alternatively, you can buy the disk with all my firearm manuals…. (more…)

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Hatcher’s Notebook (Download)


hatcherStarting with the ’03 Springfield and ’17 Enfield, this authoritative guide describes the development of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, explaining how they work, barrels and experiments with obstructions, strengths and weaknesses of military rifles, receiver steels and heat treatment, headspace, recoil problems, gunpowder, corrosion, triggers, and the Pederson Device. It also covers noted gun makers, tips to match ammunition, interior and exterior ballistics, velocity variation, measuring methods, weights, overloads, and ranges. Invaluable information for shooters, gunsmiths, collectors, ballisticians, and hunters.

Hatchers Notebook