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Zaycon Chicken


zayconI have heard about zaycon foods for some time, and have wondered about it, so as my freezer became lighten of my last bulk purchase of beef, I decided to try them out.

My first impressions of their food is very positive.  The chicken was packed in a high quality box, sealed in an outer bag, and then in 4 smaller bags.

The breasts were large, uniform, and tasty.  The only thing I would have done different was when sealing them using my food saver, I should have remembered to bag and then freeze in an open bag before vacuum sealing.

Some of the juice got vacuumed out and caused some bad seals so not all of my chicken is vacuum sealed -some is just individually bagged.


Bell Siphon Instruction Sheet

bell siphon

Bell Siphon Construction and PrinciplesThere will be a full article on the bell siphon, but until it is completed, I wanted to make this available for anyone that wants to build a bell siphon. They are not the easiest thing to tweak. But they are very simple to construct.

If you have problems getting it to work, this pdf has some simple troubleshooting steps, but the main thing is to take a step back and remember the science that makes it work. (more…)

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Travis W Hughley’s Barrelponics Manual


aquaponicsThis is one of the neatest designs for aquaponics I have seen.  It combines hydroponics and aquaculture, using fish wast to feed plants, and plants to filter the water for the fish.

This is a great idea, and uses scrap and common materials to build.  You should really visit his site, not just for the great information, but also to support his mission work to third world countries. (more…)

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