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Military Medical Course Downloads


computer These self study course manuals come from the U.S. Army Medical Department and School at Fort Sam Houston Texas.

This particular post contains a lot of downloads over many subjects.  From basic anatomy, to pharmacology, food safety, disease control and field hygiene.  Austere military medicine covers a wide variety of topics.

These files and more like them can be found on my military manuals vol 1 and 2 DVDs sold here.

Every prepper needs his resources, feel free to download, but I invite you to save time and buy my DVDs and get all this and much more, (more…)

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Medical Manuals (including the Where their is no Doctor series)


computerHere are some medical books that the copyright owners want given away for free, if you every have to pay money to download these, then someone is cheating both you and the original authors. The Hesperian group that publishes the “Where there is no Doctor” series does so good work, and the books are definitely worth downloading and buying the actual paper copy. (more…)

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