8 Items for Your Boat Emergency Kit

Summer is right around the corner and many are in the midst of planning deep sea fishing trips or casual fishing excursions with their buddies.

There’s likely conversation about the snacks or beverages that need to be packed, but have you considered updating your boat emergency kit? You never know when an emergency situation can come calling! Continue reading “8 Items for Your Boat Emergency Kit”

Completed Incremental Disaster Kit

Incremental Disaster Kit
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At Week 21 we are finally done with our incremental shopping list.  Now that you completed your  incremental disaster kit you will have completed many activities that help better prepare your family, as well as have a fully stocked 72 hour kit.  I urge you not to stop here, but to continue to plan and prepare your family.

Congratulations, on your accomplishment.
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Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 19)

Incremental Disaster Kit
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We are getting close to the end of the incremental disaster kit posts.*  By this point you should be amassing a goof bit of gear, have some new skills, and feeling much more prepared for disaster.

Having worked in Emergency Management for more than a decade, I have been to disaster shelters.  While the government and it’s employees do try to take care of its people in disasters, it is rather impersonal and spotty.
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