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Traveling with Liquids

DSCN0233 If you are backpacking, traveling with suitcases and airports, or packing a get home or get out of dodge bag there are some common similarities that make life easier. Pack only what you need, put the more common items near the top, and be careful when packing things like liquids or they will leak all […] Continue reading →

10 Prepper Gifts Under $10

P51 Here are 10 Prepper Gifts Under $10 which can make great stocking stuffers for the prepper in your life.  Of course we have the mighty P-51 can opener, but you would be surprised at what other cool stuff we have found.  I know that I had to buy some of this stuff for myself as I […] Continue reading →

Hurricane Season 2012

hurricane This guest post is courtesy of Joe Perko, Director of Field Services at Rapid Refile is a recognized leader in document restoration and recovery, vacuum-freeze drying, mold remediation and flood restoration services for businesses and individuals. Avoid Document Restoration Needs: A Look Back at the 2012 Hurricane Season – and How to Prepare for 2013 […] Continue reading →