Introduction to Emergency Kits (like BOBs, INCH, GHB, IFAK, EDC, and GOOD bags)

Introduction to Emergency Kits

Introduction to Emergency Kits

From my experience working in disaster response, I know the work and thought that goes into running a shelter during a disaster.  Emergency management workers try very hard to make shelters safe and comfortable.  However, the lack of privacy, resources, and independence makes me pretty hesitant to choose to go to a shelter as long as I have other options.

Personally, it would take a very severe reason for me to evacuate or “bug out” from my home in the first place.  Leaving the house would entail me having to leave many of my in-place systems and make me more vulnerable to outlaws and well meaning (and otherwise) bureaucrats.

However, just because I don’t WANT to evacuate from my homestead doesn’t mean I won’t HAVE to evacuate.  I don’t want any kind of disaster to befall my family, but measuring risk says I should be prepared “just in case”.  This leads me to the subject of disaster evacuation kits. Read More …

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Incremental Disaster Kit Week 1

Emergency KitI don’t know about you, but I am not made of money.  While I am very worried about the economy, international affairs, Terrorism, and Mutant Zombie Bikers, I also have a wedding coming up, a leaky roof, a water heater that is on it’s last legs, a sick dog, and TAXES.  As much as I would like to be able to, I cannot drop $5000 on a made to order 2 person kit that contains a years supply of food and essential items.  I have to prioritize my resources and make every dollar count.  I have said (as have many others) to store what you eat, and eat what you store.  That makes rotation easy.   It also makes it pretty painless to buy extra when everything is on sale. Read More …

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 20)

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 20)

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 20)

We are almost done with the incremental disaster kit – by now you should see a lot of life saving food and equipment piled up in a corner of your home.  You should also be feeling more prepared as you have taken a lot of positive steps to ensure you have skills and abilities that go beyond canned food.

This week you should spend time working on your disaster kit by documenting your household goods for insurance purposes.

You should also purchase some tools and safety items for using those tools.  I know that I don’t like wearing work gloves, but they save me lots of frustration with blisters, splinters, and cuts when I wear them.

Gloves and goggles may not seem like items for your disaster kit, but injuries can be disabling or deadly in times of disaster – normal medical channels may not be available, and any injury can leave you vulnerable for life threatening infection.

Read More …

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 10)

Incremental Disaster Kit

Incremental Disaster Kit

If you haven’t been following the incremental plan or are just starting I want you to realize how just getting started is a BIG DEAL.  The majority of the citizens (and occupants) of this country have less prepared than what you would have if you followed this plan to this weeks amounts.

Most people have good plans, but they never follow through.  Just the act of starting makes you special – but don’t stop keep following the incremental plan and taking little steps and you will eventually have a huge safety net.

I find that by dong this incrementally and spending a few dollars “extra” when going shopping, building a kit is rather painless and the money spent is really not noticed, but after a while the kit grows.

You can easilly build on this to where you have a large pantry and can start to save for bulk purchases of food – which will start to save you money which you can then reinvest to paying down debt, building savings, and buying larger preparedness items.  It is really a situation where a little discipline will cause you to win.

To Buy:

____Waterproof portable plastic container (with lid) for important papers
____Battery-powered radio
____Wrench(es) needed to turn off utilities

To Do:
____Take your network on a field trip to the gas meter and water meter shutoffs. Discuss when it is appropriate to turn off utilities.
____Attach a wrench next to the cutoff valve of each utility meter so it will be there when needed.
____Make photocopies of important papers and store safely.