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Completed Incremental Disaster Kit

Incremental Disaster Kit

Incremental Disaster Kit

At Week 21 we are finally done with our incremental shopping list.  Now that you completed your  incremental disaster kit you will have completed many activities that help better prepare your family, as well as have a fully stocked 72 hour kit.  I urge you not to stop here, but to continue to plan and prepare your family. (more…)

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 20)


Emergency KitTo Buy:
____Camping or utility knife
____Work gloves
____Safety goggles
____Disposable dust masks
____2 blank videocassettes
Specialty Store
____Get an extra battery for motorized mobility aids

To Do:
____Use a video camera to tape the contents of your home for insurance purposes.
____Make a copy of the videotape and send to an out-of-town friend or family member.
____Find out about your workplace disaster plan.

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 19)


Emergency KitTo Buy:
____1 box quick-energy snacks
____Comfort foods (such as cookies, candy bars)
____Plastic wrap
____Aluminum foil
Also denture care items, if needed.

To Do:
____Review your insurance coverage with your agent to be sure you are covered for the disasters that may occur in your area. Obtain additional coverage, as needed.
____Purchase and have installed an emergency escape ladder for upper story windows, if needed.

Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 18)


Emergency KitTo Buy:
____”Child proof” latches or other fasteners for your cupboards
____Double-sided tape or hook-and-loop fasteners (such as Velcro® ) to secure moveable objects
____Plastic bucket with tight lid
____Plastic sheeting

To Do:
____Arrange for someone to install latches on cupboards and secure moveable objects.
____Put away a blanket or sleeping bag for each household member.