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More PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman

Forbes’ first book, PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman, became a runaway best-seller with do-it-yourselfers, outdoorsmen and survivalists alike. in his new More PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman book he’s taken his no-frills approach to creating inexpensive shelters, primitive weapons, sturdy outdoor furniture and hunting and fishing gear and come up with more than 30 new […] Continue reading →

On War

On War is considered to be one of the best military strategy books in existance – everyone has heard of it, but few actually take time to read it. That is a shame as Carl von Clausewitz was a 19th century military theorist who drew many of his ideas from his own experience as a […] Continue reading →

The Big Book of Gardening Skills

The Big Book of Gardening Skills For beginners & advanced gardeners alike, The Big Book of Gardening Skills is a comprehensive, generously illustrated volume is the complete guide to growing flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetables, lawns, & shrubs. Clearly organized by topic with added charts, tables, & over 450 illustrations to help you plan, plant, & maintain beautiful, healthy, & productive gardens, this […] Continue reading →