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DIY Mosquito Repellent Holders

DIY Mosquito Repellent Holders

My boy loves being outside, but kids are especially sensitive to mosquito bites, due to the bees we cannot use traditional pesticides, but I did see this idea on an Alaska bush craft site and decided to try it out while camping.

It worked very well for us last summer, and I finally got around to documenting it.
One of the most popular bug repellant to cover large areas such are patios, decks, and yards is the mosquito coil.

These coils use an incense style delivery system where you light one end and it burns as an ember producing smoke containing the repellant. As the air currents spread the smoke around the bugs high tail it out of the area. This is handy when you are working in an area and need wide coverage.

The problem is the small metal coil holders aren’t always appropriate for putting the coils around your work or recreation area. The ones that are able to hang can cost up to $7 to $11 a piece. Continue reading