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Golden Eggs

golden eggs Once again I have to say I believe that the foundational idea behind crowd-sourcing is capabilities at its best – people have ideas that they beleive in and ask others to contribute funds with the promise of rewards when the project is completed.  Now I do have anecdotal evidence that my “favorite” crowd-sourcing platform has […] Continue reading →

Kids Potato Fan Recipe

Potato Fan I have seen this recipe on multiple websites under a variety of names. This Potato Fan recipe is a great recipe for kids, both because it is a simple recipe that most kids can do with a minimum of supervision, but also because it is something kids will eat. I know I have a toddler […] Continue reading →

Neat Oreo Cookie Trick

Oreo Trick So this is not a prepper/gun/DIY post – but man can’t like on preps alone – sometimes you just have to have fun with your kids, and I love sharing cookies and milk with my boy. Unfortunately, my bride does not understand that messes can be cleaned up, but kids are only kids once, so […] Continue reading →