How to Keep Eating Healthy in the Wild

How to Keep Eating Healthy in the Wild
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Camping outdoors is one of those activities that makes a seasonal break complete. It’s always fun, regardless if you haul a pop-up canopy, a hammock, or a tent, so long as food’s there.

The only concern of new health-conscious campers, however, is that there are limited meal options outdoors. In truth, it just seems like it because many prefer to bring chips and canned beverages during a camping trip. But it does not mean that you have to follow suit and forget your food principles.

Hence, let me shed some light on how to keep eating healthy in the wild today. Continue reading “How to Keep Eating Healthy in the Wild”

3 Simple Homestead Canning Recipes

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If you want to try making food by yourself, you should try the homestead approach. In this kind of lifestyle, you are going to grow food in your backyard. But if there is one thing more fun than this, it must be homestead canning.

Canning is actually a great hobby and survival project. It allows you to preserve your grown food as long as possible. These food items could come to your rescue, whenever you are trying to be frugal. But of course, canned foods are also great gift ideas!

When you are canning, it is recommended that you only create a recipe that you are familiar with. In this way, you won’t have any trouble in making the food. As a result, you are simplifying the overall cooking process. Continue reading “3 Simple Homestead Canning Recipes”

How to Make a Month of Freezer Meals in One Day

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Cooking in any sort of way has been my passion since the age of 9. My mother used to cook dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of the time she complained how stressful it was for her to cook day-after-day after a hard day at work.

A very-good neighbor shared to her the idea of cooking a month of meals in one day. She gave it a thought and had consider the idea. Since often there’s always “what’s for dinner and who’s making it” debate at home, mom had it as her weekly strategy.
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