How to Keep Eating Healthy in the Wild

How to Keep Eating Healthy in the Wild
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Camping outdoors is one of those activities that makes a seasonal break complete. It’s always fun, regardless if you haul a pop-up canopy, a hammock, or a tent, so long as food’s there.

The only concern of new health-conscious campers, however, is that there are limited meal options outdoors. In truth, it just seems like it because many prefer to bring chips and canned beverages during a camping trip. But it does not mean that you have to follow suit and forget your food principles.

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6 Best Dog Breeds for Preppers

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In a dangerous world, the right dog can help you survive outdoors, hunt, and keep you safe. The vast majority of dogs are easily trained to fulfill a wide array of tasks. However, each breed has particular instincts that helps it excel in a specific area. If you are wondering what are the best dog breeds for preppers, you will have to factor in your preferences and needs. Whichever breed you choose, training the dog and spending as much time as possible with him will help you discover his strong suits and weak points.
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How to Stay Prepared When On a Hunting Trip

How to Stay Prepared When On a Hunting TripAre you planning on going outdoors for a hunting expedition soon? Then you must be prepared and know what to pack so you won’t be shorthanded or endanger yourself while you are on the field! So if you’re wondering about how to stay safe and prepared outdoors, here are the tips you should follow.
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