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314762_266982259999197_1876473295_nToday I want to showcase a favorite show of mine, now this isn’t some new site – Gaye Levy’s Backdoor Survival is well known.  But I follow it, and make a point to visit back on a regular basis, so as a favorite resource of mine, I wanted to share it with those that may not have visited it before.

Gaye has several really cool features – she does a weekly survival buzz post where she showcases several need and nice to know items – this week she talked about diy cleaners, a bargain food storage taste test, and some reader tips. (more…)

Guest Post: Life or Death: The Importance of Reading Smoke

structure fire

structure fireThe “art of reading smoke” might sound like it comes from ancient Native American lore, but this term describes a sophisticated system used by trained fire-science professionals to assess danger from a fire and implement appropriate suppression measures. Since modern construction materials and methods continue to change — favoring newer composite substances over traditional woods and metals, for example — the art of reading smoke must also evolve. With the ability to “read smoke” comes the ability to identify what the top priority is when faced with a raging fire — is there a need to conduct a search and rescue, or is the best action to tackle the fire from a certain angle? These questions and more can be answered when the firefighter is trained to read the different types of smoke. (more…)

Guest Post: How to Make Your Own Curing Chamber


curingOur ancestors cured meat to survive, so it can’t be that complicated, right? Well, as humanity has advanced so has the science of food preservation. Today, prepared meat products are considered part of the charcuterie branch of cooking – which is really such a fancy schmancy name for an age-old process that creates flavorful meat products such as cured ham and sausage. (more…)

Guest Post: Functional And Affordable Upgrades For Your Shotgun


mos1Everyone likes to have accessories and modify their shotgun in one way or another. Some people will never modify or upgrade the gun, but those same people will buy a precisely fit sling or unique protective case. Those that do upgrade will add any number of add-ons available depending on how they plan to use it. When thinking or accessories or upgrades the best thing to do is to look at all of the products made available for the most popular shotgun in the world, the Remington 870, and then see if that same item is made for the shotgun you own. (more…)

Guest Post: The Ins and Outs of Disaster Insurance


monetAs hurricane season comes around again, natural disasters and preparedness return to the forefront of our minds. Even those in states and regions unaffected by hurricanes, the devastation that hurricanes have wrecked in the past remain prominent in all of our minds. That being said, it’s very important that you consider ways to protect yourself and your family against disaster. Being properly educated and properly prepared for the possibility of a natural disaster is the first mark of a truly intelligent homeowner. But, of course, the entire point of preparedness is thinking about a situation before it is upon you. Come hurricane or tornado season, many of us are prompted to glance over our homeowner’s insurance policy and that’s that. Rather than waiting until the seasons threat is upon you, take the time to educate yourself on natural disasters and disaster insurance options. (more…)