How to Prepare for War at Home

HOW TO PREPARE FOR WAR AT HOMEThe attack in Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust and the Death March are worst nightmare a human person could imagine in his existence and no would ever want that to recur in this modern era.

War will always be the worst nightmare a person could ever think of. It can severely effect on the health and well-being of the country and the families living in the nation.
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Renaissance Republican

Renaissance Republican
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I am a Renaissance Republican, another one of the silent majority of Americans who are too busy working on taking care of myself and fulfilling my own responsibilities to do much beyond vote and watch in disgust at modern politics.

But it has gotten to the point where I am tired of watching the contract our government has with me being rewritten without my consent.  I am tired of wondering what gives that Washington bunch the authority to take my taxes to increase their own power.  Have they not read the 10th Amendment of our Constitution?
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