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I need thistles!

3 New Things for TNGun

If you have thistles you want rid of, or artichokes you would not mind parting with while they are immature and still have the purple flowers, and are in reasonable driving distance from Middle TN (Nashville/Dickson area) I will gladly purchase some from you as I need them to make a vegtable based rennet for my 52 Food Preservation Projects Book (more…)

Scenario Prepper Life with an Angry Wife


mqdefaultThe Duffle Blog is one of my favorite websites, however I have noticed (sometimes with glee) that sometimes the satire found on their site gets picked up by “mainstream” media and published as real news.

Since I get such a kick out of their humor and love of the Military, I thought should I attempt at making a funny video for prepping? – of course both my wife and my higher brain function said no, but If I let common sense stop me I would lose about 75 percent of my ideas for future videos. (more…)