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Mental Readiness

indexMental readiness is the state of being mentally prepared – this can either mean you are ready to learn from the situation you are in OR can put your knowledge skills and attitudes into practice to optimally deal with the situation you are in.

As a firearms instructor, I try to learn from coaches and other trainers about all manner of sports medicine and performance enhancement – I was recently reading an article on mental readiness from Watt Works that gave some great tips on how to maximize mental readiness through training for an upcoming event – while this is not exactly prepping or self-defense, it does have some very close parallels.

First off, I noticed that he uses a key concept of my coaching style – which is to use positive mental talk – instead of “don’t jerk the trigger” instead focus on what you want to happen “press the trigger smoothly to the rear until the shot breaks”


I need thistles!

3 New Things for TNGun

If you have thistles you want rid of, or artichokes you would not mind parting with while they are immature and still have the purple flowers, and are in reasonable driving distance from Middle TN (Nashville/Dickson area) I will gladly purchase some from you as I need them to make a vegtable based rennet for my 52 Food Preservation Projects Book (more…)