Awesome DIY Wood Rocket Stove Online Plans

cob-rocket-mass-heaterI am a fan of Paul Wheaton, when I was podcasting for Dr. Prepper, I interviewed him.  You can hear that interview here.

This morning Paul contacted me to tell me about his newest project.  Building a cob style rocket mass heater.  I have wanted to build one of these for a while, and when he shared the video with me I sat down to watch all 2.5 hours of instruction.

It is a great video.  While I don’t always share Paul’s sense of humor, I do respect his knowledge and vision.  I find myself on his forum dreaming about doing alot of things he does daily.

If you want a cheaper way to learn how to make a rocket mass heater, feel free to download his plans for $19.95 by clicking this link.

Here is what he says about this awesome information package:

“A cob style rocket mass heater is “the old reliable”. We have two projects to demonstrate this technique. One in a log home and one in a tipi. We put one in a tipi as part of an experiment to test how warm a person can be with a rocket mass heater and zero insulation. We interview the couple that stayed in the tipi for the first winter, with a strong focus on how comfortable they were when it was 26 degrees below zero.”

Reasons Why Every Household Must Have a Backup Generator

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