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Infrastructure & Power Generation

Using a Tractor to Clear Land

tractor We tried clearing the land by hand in the very early stages of the Dual Homestead project. Lighting backfires, tearing up lawnmowers, destroying weedeaters, and swinging a sling blade (some folks call it a kaiser blade) is good all in good fun, but as soon as a good friend of mine volunteered his kubota tractor, […] Continue reading →

Setting a Power Pole

setting a power pole Once the meter box was removed we went to the electric company to see about getting a power pole. Originally James and I were simply going to take the entire meter box and weather head off the trailer and bolt it to his shed, but after talking to the utility and the shed builder we […] Continue reading →

Removing an Electric Meter Box

remnoving a meter box The electric service to the property was attached to the trailer, and since the mobile home is in that awkward stage of too burnt to fix, but not burnt enough to be easy to demolish we need electricity to run power tools so that we are not trying to tear the building down for the […] Continue reading →

Identifying Limestone

Identifying Limestone I needed some limestone to work some cement experiments trying to replicate both the Portland cement patent, and to make slaked lime for mortar mix. This meant I had to be able to go about identifying Limestone.  Luckily since limestone is calcium carbonate, ( a base). Simple chemistry ensures that when it makes contact with […] Continue reading →