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Planting Willow Cuttings

willow cutting I want to make a fedge – a fence hedge – a natural fence that is created by weaving trees together as saplings so they grow into an impenetrable fence. I am going to do this by mixing willow, osage orange, and honey locust seeds together. in 4-5 years I will have a bull strong […] Continue reading →

Skidding Logs

Skidding Logs See larger image Portable Winch Choker Chain, Model# PCA-1295 Features: Measurements: 1/4″ x 7′, C-hook, Steel rod This Choker Chain from Portable Winch is made of 1/4in. steel and equipped with a special C-Hook for quick, secure installation and removal. A 12in.L needle lets you slide it under logs and through skidding cones. U.S.A. Application […] Continue reading →