PRN Episode #26 Critical Incident Stress Management

PRN Episode #26 Critical Incident Stress Management
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Preparedness is about making small sacrifices in normal times so that you do not have to make huge sacrifices in times of scarcity (at least in this host’s mind) – its not just about buying beans, bullets, and bandages – it’s also about learning, training, and building capability.

David has spent a lot of time taking skills and concepts learned in his professional field of emergency management and relating it to his family’s personal preparedness. Continue reading “PRN Episode #26 Critical Incident Stress Management”

PRN Episode #4 AR-15 Build and Tips

PRNIn this episode David talks about Pros and cons of building vs buying an AR-15, as well as some tips when dealing with AR-15’s.  Dave has completed several AR-15 build projects and believes that this is a great way to both save money as well as to learn about the AR-15 platform.

If you can build it from a parts kit, then you can replace broken parts.  This puts you ahead of the curve in the gun portion of disaster preparedness. Continue reading “PRN Episode #4 AR-15 Build and Tips”