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Cheap DIY T-Post Puller

I needed to pull some old T-posts out of the ground where I used to have a chicken run. I want to use them down at Dual Homestead, and new ones cost over $6 new. To reuse my T-Posts I needed a cheap DIY T-Post Puller, as the commercial one I wanted to buy a […] Continue reading →

Brush Axe as a Debarking Spud

brush-axe Debarking Spuds are used like a paint scraper or chisel to slide between the wood and bark layers of a freshly cut tree in order to peel the bark off. I have always wanted to own a Debarking Spud, but never had a need to spend the money for one. The main characteristic of a […] Continue reading →

Floor Scraper as a Debarking Spud

Floor Scraper as a Debarking Spud See larger image 48 in. Heavy Duty Scraper from TNM 48 in. Heavy Duty ScraperScrape, chip and rip with this long handle scraperHere’s a heavy duty long handle scraper that’s great for ripping up concrete, marble, ceramic tile, wood floors, roofing, asphalt, and tile, or chipping away at plaster. All metal constructionRubber comfort gripEasy-to-replace 4 […] Continue reading →