Demonstrating Contour Lines II

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Blue Line Glock

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Old TASER Footage

Old TASER Video

This is some old TASER video from a cell phone taken quite a few years ago.  This footage was taken after an NRA Pistol Instructor course. One of my students was a long time handgun permit instructor that had to…

Shooting Stance Training Tip

Shooting Stance Training Tip

I love firearm training, especially instructor courses. When running an instructor course I get to meet the best kind of people – smart, dedicated, and proficient shooters. Not only is it great fun, but I get to talk with people…

Don't Clear Alone

Don’t Clear Alone

I realize that the idea of standing guard at a fixed point rather than actively searching for the bad guy in a situation where someone has entered your home is repulsive to many. In the article I wrote about “are…