Which Safe is Safest? How to Pick the Best Safe for Your Valuables

hand opened a safe, close up

In the market for a safe? Don’t make the mistake of buying one that’s not entirely secure. Find out what to look for so you know how to pick the best safe here.

Homeowners have been using safes for centuries to store everything from cash to expensive belongings. But how “safe” are these home safes anyway?

Back in 2015, a report showed how one North American home safe manufacturer released their latest model with just one single flaw, but that one flaw quickly turned into a security nightmare.

Forbes then interviewed an expert locksmith who was able to break into the 86-pound safe in question in just 60 seconds!

Stories like this aren’t uncommon.
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How to Choose the Best Gun Safe for Your Needs

Looking for the best gun safe to add to your home? We’re sharing everything you need to know to pick the one that best suits your unique needs. Check it out!
hand opened a safe, close up

There are so many gun safes you may actually get lost if you walked into a warehouse that sold them.

Choosing a safe can be daunting, especially when you just expected to find a basic box to securely store your guns and other valuable belongings.

How could it be so complicated? You ask in utter confusion.

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. In a world of awesome customization options for pretty much anything you could ever want or need, manufacturers just get carried away.

There are two things you can do in this moment. Take a gun case quiz, and read on for some great info on how to choose a case for your needs.
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5 Things You Need in Any Great Hunting Rifle

When you’re out in the woods at your stand or stalking your prey in an open prairie, you want the hunting rifle that will bag your buck.

You’ve got to be able to trust your tool. It’s like your own limb. You wouldn’t leave home without it.

So, since you’re choosing a trusted companion, you’ve got to have the knowledge about what makes a great hunting rifle great.

There are five different characteristics you should look for in a hunting rifle.
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