One Minute Glock Cleaning

One Minute Glock CleaningIt’s not the purpose of this article to tell you to clean your Glock in under a minute.

Rather it is to demonstrate that cleaning your pistol does not have to be a drawn out affair, and that in some cases (like lubrication) a little is better than a lot.

You will need the following materials to properly clean your gun:

  • appropriately sized cleaning patches
  • a quality cleaning rod
  • bore brush of the appropriate caliber for your gun
  • a slotted tip for threading cleaning patches onto your cleaning rod
  • a gun cleaning toothbrush
  • gun cleaner/solvent
  • gun oil
  • a lint-free cleaning rag.

Starting with an unloaded handgun in a room without ammunition…

With your pistol facing in a safe direction, remove the magazine, and then lock the slide to the rear and both visually and physically check to ensure the handgun is empty.

If it is, field strip the handgun.

Clean the barrel.

  • Thread brass bore brush on your cleaning rod, wet with solvent.
  • Insert the cleaning rod into the breech end of the barrel and swab out the chamber and bore.
  • Work the wet brush back and forth through the entire length of the barrel at least five or six times.
  • Replace the brush with the slotted tip.
  • Thread a dry patch in the tip and using full–length, rotating passes, scrub until the bore is shiny and clean when inspected under a bright light.
  • Dampen the large end of your toothbrush with some solvent and vigorously scrub carbon deposits off of the barrel hood and feed ramp.
  • Wipe the exterior of the barrel down with a solvent dampened rag or patch.
  • Dry out the bore by swabbing with clean, dry patches until the patches come out clean and dry.
  • With a dry patch, wipe down the exterior of the barrel. Put the barrel aside for now.

Clean the slide.

  • Holding the slide vertically, muzzle down, use the toothbrush to brush clean the breech face, the extractor, and the area around the extractor.
  • Keep in mind that you want to avoid getting solvent into the firing pin channel.
  • Solvent and lubricants collect dirt and grime and you don’t want to cake or grease up your firing pin and firing pin channel! This could cause your gun to fail to function.
  • Brush the slide rail cuts and the inside of the slide with the tooth brush.
  • Using a slightly solvent dampened rag or patch, clean the underside/inside of the slide. You can also use the wide end of the toothbrush to scrub the inside of the slide. Dampen the with solvent and vigorously scrub the slide rail cuts.
  • Use a clean, dry patch to wipe down the interior of the slide and slide rails.

Clean the receiver.

  • Using the toothbrush; brush off carbon deposits on the metal contact points as well as the locking block on the receiver. Use some solvent if necessary, and if so, then use dry patches or a dry rag to wipe off excess solvent.
  • Using your toothbrush; brush out any unburned gunpowder and debris from the interior of the receiver.
  • Make sure to wipe clean the locking block, the trigger bar, the connector, the cruciform, and the ejector. (See the Glock owner’s manual for a list of parts.)

Lubricate the pistol.

You just need six drops of oil. Use a quality gun lubricant/rust protective oil. More is NOT better…

Slide rails:

  • Hold the slide such that the slide rail cuts face upward and the muzzle end is canted slightly downward. Using a lubricant applicator, drag one drop of lubricant down the entire length of each slide rail cut.
  • Apply one drop of lubricant to the front inside of the slide which rubs against the upper portion of the barrel.


  • Wipe down your barrel’s exterior with one of the oil dampened patches or the oil dampened rag that you’ve used for cleaning.
  • With your lubricant applicator, apply one drop of oil on the rear side of the barrel lug and one drop on the outside front of the barrel.


  • Hold the receiver in your strong hand, left side facing down. Apply one drop of oil to the curved, upper extension of the connector, at the right rear corner of the receiver/frame where the rear end of the trigger bar touches the connector.
  • That is six drops of oil total… On the breech face, under the firing pin hole there is a weep hole to allow debris to be pushed out of the firing pin chamber – all too often people think it is a lube point. DO NOT put oil in this hole…

Reassemble the pistol and function check the reassembled gun.

  • To function test, make sure your reassembled gun is unloaded and keep it pointed in a safe direction!

Slide cycling:

  • Rack the slide several times and make sure the slide moves and cycles freely and smoothly.

Trigger function:

  • With the pistol facing in a safe direction, press the trigger rearward. Make sure the trigger works.

Trigger Reset:

  • Rack the slide again to return it into battery and reset the trigger.
  • Make sure that the trigger resets into its forward, cocked position.
  • With your pistol still pointed in a safe direction, press the trigger rearward and hold it to the rear.
  • You should hear and feel the firing pin fall.
  • Pull the slide to its most rearward position and release it.
  • After the slide has snapped into its forward, in-battery position, release the trigger.
  • The trigger should reset to its forward, cocked position. Repeat several times to be sure.

Trigger safety:

  • With your pistol pointing in a safe direction, grasp the sides of the trigger without touching or depressing the trigger safety, which is the trigger in front of and within the trigger.
  • The trigger safety should remain engaged and as such, prevent the trigger from moving rearward and releasing the firing pin.

Slide lock open test:

  • Insert an empty magazine into your in-battery pistol.
  • Firmly pull the slide all the way rearward and it should lock open.
  • That is it, this entire process is short, sweet, and keeps the gun working properly

I would suggest that when done with your cleaning/function checking/dry firing procedures you verbally state “I am now done cleaning my gun” this will set up a small mental block to keep you from being one of those “Moron shot himself cleaning his gun” guys that went from function checking, to reloading a carry gun, got distracted, and then went back to function checking and fired a gun they forgot they loaded.

It sounds stupid, but it happens, and every little bit you do to prevent accidents is more better….

Glock Bench Mat

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Bolt Protrusion on M91/30 Mosin Nagant

Bolt Protrusion on M91/30 Mosin NagantSAFETY CHECK!

Be certain to check the firing pin protrusion using the screwdriver / protrusion tool found in the Mosin Nagant Cleaning kit. IMHO, if you do not have this tool, buying the entire cleaning kit is well worth the money, because some unscrupulous vendors have replica tools that are not to spec and do not accurately measure protrusion. I have never heard of a replica tool being sold as part of a surplus kit.

The reason bolt protrusion is important because if the firing pin does not protrude far enough out of the bolt the gun will not fire, and if it protrudes too far it can puncture the primer and cause hot combustion gasses to leave the bolt and move into your face…

Either of these situations can be extremely dangerous and are not part of the enjoyable use of your moist nugget.

To check protrusion,, verify that the bolt is in its “fired” position and that the firing pin is flush with the cocking piece.

The index marks must be aligned.

Second, the firing pin must (at least) touch the top of the milled out area below the number “75” on the protrusion gauge. If it does not, firing pin protrusion is insufficient. Be certain that there is no gap between the bolt head and bolt body (hold them together) when performing this test.

Finally, the firing pin must not touch the top of the milled out area under the number “95”. If it does, firing pin protrusion is excessive.

If you do not have the teardrop shaped too you should order one, but if you have a caliper, the firing pin must protrude at least .075 inches, but cannot exceed .095 inches.

A matched bolt should not have a protrusion problem, assuming the firing pin and the cocking piece are flush and the index marks are aligned, I would be suspect of a private sale that had protrusion problems (I would wonder if it was pieces together from various guns – but that is just me)

You can adjust firing pin protrusion by turning the firing pin in the cocking piece. The bolt will have to be disassembled (or cocked) because there is a notch that normally prevents the firing pin to rotate and change protrusion.

Usually having the rear end of the firing pin flush with the back of the cocking piece gives you the correct adjustment.

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Handgun Scenario Discussion #6

Handgun Scenario #6This is the last scenario, and in a lot of ways the most likely to occur, as well as the most realistic.

In Tennessee it is not a legal requirement to inform a law enforcement officer of your carry permit and armed status. (In some states it is – so know your law). However, I believe it is a good idea. Like my CCW vs Open carry video I am making a distinction between your rights and what is the response that is most likely to shorten rather than lengthen your encounter with the police. If you choose not to inform them then that’s your right and your judgment, just know if they find out they will revert to their training and have to decide wither you are a threat to them before they can resume the discussion.

I commute some distance to work, and have gotten pulled over for speeding on more than one occasion. I will describe my response to illustrate the mindset I have as well as to help you see why it works.

First as soon as I see the lights I let loose a mental expletive – I know I shouldn’t but I do… Then I forget it – do not get mad – they are doing their job, and I know I was in the wrong – from that point until I am driving everything is geared toward getting back on the road and not being locked up in the cruiser…

I hit my turn signals to show I saw them and am pulling over, I find a spot off of the road wide enough for my car and the patrol car. If this is not immediately available I want the officer to know I am not running… I do not try to put my seatbelt on, get my papers, or throw out my cigarette (Don’t tell my wife, but after a hard day I may smoke a cigar to relax) – the officer can see your shoulders move and too much movement may make him think your being evasive.

I pull over far enough so that the officer can use his car as a shield against traffic. Some departments have to officer come from the passenger side due to several cops being killed by passing cars. Getting out of the patrol car on a busy highway is dangerous, and being considerate to the officer’s safety helps start building a sense of safety in the cop – REMEMBER if he sees you as a threat you may see the muzzle of his gun…

I keep my hands on the wheel so he can see them, and I wait until he knocks on my door to roll down the window. (I do not roll it down all the way for legal reasons, but enough to converse with the officer. I also replace my hands on the wheel after I roll down the window.)

I wait for the officer to speak (also for legal reasons I do not answer the part about do you know why I pulled you over – if you tell him then you are admitting a criminal act, if you say no your lying about it)… When he asks me for license and registration I say, “officer, before I comply, I need to inform you I have a carry permit and my firearm is located ____, what do you want me to do?” Even if I am not armed I say “Officer, when you run my license you will see I have a carry permit, I want to let you know I don’t have a firearm in the vehicle but I wouldn’t want you to think I was hiding that from you”. I used to have a vehicle with a police and highway patrol frequencies; it is pretty standard for dispatch to inform the officer that you have a carry permit when they run your driver’s license. He is going to find out, by telling him first you:

Let him know you’re not hiding anything

You are concerned for his safety

You’re not a felon, a drug abuser, or crazy

If also shows you know how to play the game, understand a little about cops, and have enough disposable income to get a carry permit – basically that you’re a good guy and not worth the hassle…

I then get my papers for the officer

If they are in my glove box I leave it open to show I am not hiding anything

If they are in my center console I shut it so they don’t have to watch to see if I try to slip my hand in to get a weapon.

Remember, police do not know you; they are trained formally, as well as socially not to trust you. The quicker you prove to them that you are no threat the quicker they want to end the incident so they can get back to their work. The vast majority of the cops I know do not have a problem with law abiding citizens owning firearms, and don’t really want to be seen as the bad guy. However, they will give you a ticket in a heartbeat if you deserve one.

In my experience, by following these simple steps I get a “If I give you a warning, do you think you can slow down” more than a “by signing this you are not admitting guilt, just acknowledging that you have received a ticket.”

This is my two cents, based upon my personal experience, as well as social discussions with several cops over the years. The principles that I describe can be applied to any encounter you have with the police. As the video says (before the Department of Safety changed it) – Cops are trained to react to the sight of a gun, and they will…

Book: Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics is one of the best defensive tactics books on the market.

I have read, reread, dog-eared, and written in the margins of this book – then went out and bought a new copy just in case.

I have personally used several of the concepts in this book in real life encounters within the walls of state prisons when I worked maximum security after I got out of the Marines.

Christensen is a thinking man’s warrior, and if you judge a man by those around him, he has collaborated with Lt. Col Grossman and Gaven de Becker.

This book should be in the library of anyone concerned about use of force.

Why we are losing, and what to do about it…

We are losing because we don't stand up for our rights

We are losing because we don’t stand up for our rights

We are losing – Looking at it rationally I don’t see any other conclusion for why we are losing is that conservative America is losing the big fights.

Look at the freedoms of your grandparents, compare that to the rules your parent’s lived by, contrast that to today’s regulations, and then extrapolate out the world your children will raise their children in.  If you are fearful or angry over the difference you can see that we are losing.

When I was in high school, I carried a pocketknife and did not think twice about it, but today while visiting a federal office to turn in a form I had to race through my mind to ensure I was not carrying any such “dangerous weapons” as I was being searched by a thuggish security guard.

During hunting season, I saw many rifles and shotguns in the back of my fellow student’s pickup – now children are suspended for having a picture of a gun, a gun shaped piece of paper, or making a gesture that looks like a gun as a deaf child named Hunter signs his name.

Rather than ranting about who is to blame for this slide into tyranny – I want to explore my thoughts on why we are losing the culture war, and some steps we can take to win it.

First we need to understand that whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a cultural war for the soul of our Country. This war is between the conservatives and the progressives and is not, as the media wants to claim, between the Republicans and Democrats.

By definition, conservatives want the structure of the country, fiscal, legal, moral, and societal to remain the same or shift back to the original intent of our founders.

By the same definitions, progressives want to change the fabric of our country. They want to move it to the left towards a socialist society.

With that in mind, realize that with every compromise conservatives lose.  This can be applied to any law or social movement contrary to the ideals of our Republic, but let’s use guns as an example.

The Constitution of the United States clearly and eloquently proclaims that well trained, disciplined, and armed citizens are vital to the security of a free country; the right of the citizenry to own and carry firearms shall not be limited or undermined.

The term “responsible gun laws” or “closing loopholes” are bandied about, and even the NRA supports gun control legislation so as to compromise and be seen as a player in this debate. Tell me how more laws limiting the citizenry’s right to own guns brings us more in line with the Constitution of the United States.

We will come back to the gun control symptoms in a second…

What is happening is Conservatives live by their beliefs that this Country was founded upon the concept of inalienable rights given to up by our Creator, and that chief among these are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that we should be free to live how we choose, and that those different than us have those same rights. Therefore, we act as individuals, and rarely join sustained advocacy movements. Unfortunately liberalism does not believe in Creator endowed rights, they believe in state supplied rights.

Because of this, they are much more willing to band into groups, to organize, and to protest. This advocacy gives them power – both political and social. It has also given them the ability to frame the language used.

As I wrote in my Terrorism: Chess vs. Checkers article, words have power, and when we call terrorists jihadis (Holy Warrior) instead of mufsidoon (Evildoers who engage in terroristic warfare aka “unholy Warriors) we are proclaiming that Islamic based terrorism is a just tactic for a holy cause.

This creative use of words called “political correctness” is a weapon the left wields very effectively – pro-choice sounds so positive, assault weapons sounds so evil. Closing the “gun show loophole” sounds much more reasonable than national gun registration.

In a short video I recommend that you watch “Cute Lawyer Tricks” by Mas Ayoob.  Ayoob quotes a first year law school concept that “when the facts are on your side, argue the facts, when the law is on your side argue the law, when neither the law, nor the facts are on your side attack the credibility of your opponent.”

Can we not see that for decades liberals have attacked the credibility of the conservative? Is it not obvious that the constant labeling has stuck? – Progressives do not attack Conservative causes based upon the validity or utility of an idea, only that conservatives are evil, stupid, selfish, or racist.

Somehow conservatives have been labeled selfish racists that love guns and hate science. This offends me, and frankly makes me angry. It is not only a lie, but a lie that traps its believers into a life of servitude and dependence.

It was Lincoln gets the credit for ending slavery, and he was a Republican. It was Republicans that passed the civil rights act – and Democrats that stood in the doorway of schools to prevent desegregation. It was Democrats that used dogs and rubber hoses to enforce segregation, it was Democrats that used gun control to control free slaves, and it is liberal Democrats that have trapped our poorest citizens into a life of cyclical poverty by “educating” them away from personal responsibility.

(To be fair, the Republican Party is not anywhere near the party of the conservative, but that is how it is portrayed by the liberals, and liberals are almost exclusively Democrats.)

Let me go back to guns and give you another example to show why we are losing. The argument is framed in such a way to suggest that because children are being murdered in schools our country is in need of additional gun control. The liberal argument is not based upon the best way to protect children, or how to discover and eliminate the root cause of the problem, or how to enforce the laws we already have – but rather dead kids bad – guns bad – ban guns save kids. Which when looked upon rationally, is shown to bet very faulty logic.

Recently in a rural Tennessee county there was a threat of a school shooting. Word quickly spread and soon several armed men were seen upon a ridge-top overlooking the school. When interviewed, the news suggested that the men (fathers and uncles of some of the students) were “hunters”. Believe what you want, but there was not a shooting that day, and these “hunter’s” were closer to being part of the solution, than part of the problem.

The conservative viewpoint is two pronged and not based on emotion– guns are not the problem, killers are the problem, and enforce the laws on the books before you add new laws.

When you look at background checks (using the FBI statistics found on their own website) the FBI proudly proclaims that the NCIC background check system has prevented 700,000 felons from buying guns. Impressive – and it leads you to think a stronger system would prevent even more felons from buying guns… However when a felon walks into a gun store (or a dealer at a gun show) and asks to see a gun for potential purchase he is committing a felony. When he then fills out the background check form and checks the box “I am not a felon” he is committing yet another felony. Lying on a background form is punishable by a 10 year prison sentence. To run the background check that felon has to sign the document, write down his address, which has to match the driver’s license he is required to present, and (at least in my state) give a thumbprint.

That is some hard evidence – with the testimony of the dealer, surveillance tapes, the felon’s signature, driver’s license, and thumbprint all showing an overt crime. You would think that with such a mound of evidence, this is an easy crime to prosecute.

Want to guess at how many of the 700,000 felons that broke these federal gun laws were convicted? Even easier, want to guess how many were prosecuted?



That’s right none. None of the 700,000 felons were prosecuted, but the BATFE and the Federal politicians want a nation-wide gun registration so that they can close the gun show loophole that no one understands or has seen the text of but supposedly 91% of American’s agree with.

We are losing because:

  1. Only the extremes are educated about the issues – it has become socially unacceptable to discuss politics
  2. We have lost the ability to define the issues – progressives create the media frames to define what is good and evil by using suggestive terms.
  3. We rely primarily on facts, while progressives rely primarily on emotion. Since the majority of our populace do not understand the facts and lack critical thinking skills emotion is winning.
  4. We fight amongst ourselves for minute differences, while progressives band together under the large umbrella of hating conservatism. The liberal causes of anti-religion and anti-morality are diametrically opposite the Islamic worldview, but progressives support both because both fight against conservative causes.
  5. We allow ourselves to become distracted – I don’t care if the shotgun in Obama’s hand is photo shopped, aimed in the wrong direction, has the wrong choke, doesn’t show recoil, or is dated suspiciously – shooting a shotgun in a photo-op does not magically make you pro-gun any more than an actor kissing someone on TV prove they are in love.
  6. We allow liberals to both own and eat the cake – they love citing civil rights as an impenetrable barrier for the 1st and 5th amendments, but not the 2nd or 10th. We allow them to make up rights like “universal health care”, but then infringe upon our enumerated rights.

Additionally we as conservatives believe in the rule of law, and do not go to war for “light and transient causes”. I will not say that is why we are losing, but it does put us at a tactical disadvantage to those that do not have a moral code and are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to reach their goals.
So, there is the problem, now for the solution:

  • We band together, we unite under the umbrella of the Constitution. If a group, cause, or idea supports the Constitution of the United States we support it, even if it is not our “pet cause”.
  • We educate – in small bites, without drama, and by living the example.
  • We use feelings – As a rational man this is distasteful to me, I believe the measure of an idea is in its truth, and not the feeling it invokes, but as a father, I cannot afford to let my distaste lead my son into slavery.
  • We become loud; we must let our elected officials know that we are much greater in number than the polls want to show.
  • We call out their lies, we demand all of our rights, and we stop caring about them being uncomfortable as they try to make us extinct.
  • We prepare, we practice, and we plan – because if we fail – the lighthouse falls and the world becomes a much darker place.

Above all, we must not allow ourselves to become disarmed. Only a tyrant will order billions of rounds of ammunition and tens of thousands of “personal defense weapons” and then claim those same weapons in the hands of ordinary citizens are assault weapons and should be banned.

I prefer to talk, to discuss problems, and to come to rational solutions that benefit everyone. I hate violence, and mean no ill will to anyone. But I will not live as a slave, and as long as I breathe my son will not have his birthright of American civil liberties stolen. I hope more than anything that my last prayer will not be the prayer of the gunfighter, but if it is to be…

Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me.  Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass.