Are Revolvers Good Survival Guns

Are Revolvers Good Survival Guns
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The old adage that says: the best gun is the one you’ve got, applies to not only everyday carry, but also to survival in general. Of course, it’s always better to have a gun chambered in a readily available caliber, should the S ever HTF. But again, whatever you’ve got and have ammunition for is better than a pointy stick.But this begs the question, then:

Are revolvers good survival guns? Let’s take a more in depth look.
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8 Items for Your Boat Emergency Kit

Summer is right around the corner and many are in the midst of planning deep sea fishing trips or casual fishing excursions with their buddies.

There’s likely conversation about the snacks or beverages that need to be packed, but have you considered updating your boat emergency kit? You never know when an emergency situation can come calling! Continue reading “8 Items for Your Boat Emergency Kit”

5 Tips For Hunting with an Air Rifle

Hunting with an air rifle
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People have been hunting since the beginning of time, and the advent of guns has only made things faster and easier.

One of the best inventions in recent memory is that of the air rifle, which distinguishes itself from a regular firearm.

If you have the right gun, you may be ready and eager to get out into the wilderness and take it on!

While that’s understandable, there are definitely some tips that newbies and seasoned hunters need to keep in mind prior to going in for the kill. Read on for 5 great tips for hunting with an air rifle. Continue reading “5 Tips For Hunting with an Air Rifle”