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I need thistles!

3 New Things for TNGun

If you have thistles you want rid of, or artichokes you would not mind parting with while they are immature and still have the purple flowers, and are in reasonable driving distance from Middle TN (Nashville/Dickson area) I will gladly purchase some from you as I need them to make a vegtable based rennet for my 52 Food Preservation Projects Book (more…)

Don’t Clear Alone

Don’t Clear Alone

imagesI realize that the idea of standing guard at a fixed point rather than actively searching for the bad guy in a situation where someone has entered your home is repulsive to many. In the article I wrote about “are you capable of using deadly force”  I discusses the morality of personal protection and my feelings on it. If you read that article with this one you may come to the conclusion that the two views are incompatible and I am being inconsistent. (more…)

Taurus Judge for Self Defense


4510TKR-3SSside_1Apparently the Taurus Judge is the most popular selling gun in the Taurus lineup, I didn’t know that when I started researching this article, but I believe it because I hear more students, coworkers and friends tell me how much they want a Judge for personal protection/prepping/zombie killing because it has the ability to shoot both centerfire ammunition as well as .410 shotshells. (more…)