Review: Muscle Roller Stick

Review: Muscle Roller Stick

Review: Muscle Roller Stick

I got this Muscle Roller Stick for my wife Genny, because she has devoted a lot of time and energy into her exercise program.  After a hard set of exercises she almost always asks me to rub her back to help relieve the tension.

Luckily for me this device came in the mail right after a hard day on the land cutting trees and hand digging a drainage ditch.  I only stopped work when my hands could no longer grip the pick-axe and as I write this review I am extremely grateful I took the opportunity to review this item as it has reduced my soreness to the point that I can actually function.

This 18 inch bar has two fixed handles with a series of rollers along the inside.  It is designed to allow the user to roll the device over muscles and help relieve tension and soreness.  The device came with a set of instructions, but frankly being both a guy and someone that was in desperate need of a massage I just grabbed it out of the package and began rolling it over my legs, hands, and arms.

I think it would do best as a back massager, but frankly it is either to short, or I am to fat and inflexible to contort myself to set it behind me.

I can testify that after rolling it on my legs and arms I did feel better.

This was not something I would have bought for myself, I got it at a reduced cost in exchange for a review and only did it because I felt it was something my wife would like, but frankly I am glad for the opportunity as I was over exerted and all alone and it helped me be able to move the day after a hard day.


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Muscle Roller Massage Stick 18″ – Deep Tissue Massage Stick for Natural Recovery – Includes Digital How-To Guide & Video Access – Relieves Knots, Tension and Increases Blood Circulation

Features: ?Professional Grade? These 18″ muscle roller sticks features a stiff stainless steel inner core and 7 independent squeak free ABS plastic rollers which are strong enough to handle any amount of pressure you want. Guaranteed to NEVER break!, ?Ergonomic? Live Infinitely massage rollers incorporate soft rubber handgrips, which are contoured to fit perfectly into your hands for maximum comfort! Eccentric floating rollers adjust to fit your body to provide the best possible massage., ?Versatile? Use pre workout to stretch your muscles, increase flexibility, promote blood circulation and reduce post workout soreness. Proven to reduce shin splints, stretch IT bands and reduce likeliness of a pulled muscle. Enjoy post workout as a deep tissue massager that can break apart tender lactic acid build-ups (muscle knots) to provide quick and lasting relief., ?All Inclusive Purchase? Every massage roller includes a FREE eBook outlining numerous ways to get the most from your new Live Infinitely product. As well, you get lifetime access to our how-to video collection explaining how to massage your Triceps, IT Bands, Calves, Feet, Neck and any other muscle you can imagine!, ?Reliable Customer Service? Every purchase is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and know you will receive unmatched personal assistance.

Stop Letting Muscle Aches, Fatigue & Cramps Slow You Down

As a runner or anyone who puts consistent strain on your muscles you begin to encounter shin splints, muscle fatigue, aches or cramps. To some degree these obstacles hit every active person. It begins to slow you down or makes it difficult to continue a workout. By using a massage roller you boost blood flow, break down lactic acid and increase flexibility. You can consistently relieve your muscles, which is critical to maintaining a healthy body and continuing to stay active!

What Separates Our Massage Sticks From The Competition?

Live Infinitely massage sticks are the highest quality muscles rollers available which are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations.

? Durable flex resistant stainless steel core, allowing you to be as aggressive as you need without the fear of bending it

? ABS plastic rollers, which are squeak free, durable and BPA free

? 18″ design, giving you the ability to work those hard to reach muscles

? Ergonomic soft rubber handgrips

? Dependable and long lasting for everyday use in recovery or pre/post workouts

What’s Included With My Purchase?

? Professional grade muscle roller stick

? Lifetime access to how-to videos and use guides. As well as a FREE downloadable eBook outlining preventative massages and everyday uses of your muscle roller

? 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by our reliable customer service team

About Live Infinitely
When we started Live Infinitely we had one thing in mind, YOU. Our mission is to produce only the highest quality products and provide the best customer service in the market. We stand behind our products and are here to help you reach your goals!

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Handgun Scenario Discussion #6

Handgun Scenario #6This is the last scenario, and in a lot of ways the most likely to occur, as well as the most realistic.

In Tennessee it is not a legal requirement to inform a law enforcement officer of your carry permit and armed status. (In some states it is – so know your law). However, I believe it is a good idea. Like my CCW vs Open carry video I am making a distinction between your rights and what is the response that is most likely to shorten rather than lengthen your encounter with the police. If you choose not to inform them then that’s your right and your judgment, just know if they find out they will revert to their training and have to decide wither you are a threat to them before they can resume the discussion.

I commute some distance to work, and have gotten pulled over for speeding on more than one occasion. I will describe my response to illustrate the mindset I have as well as to help you see why it works.

First as soon as I see the lights I let loose a mental expletive – I know I shouldn’t but I do… Then I forget it – do not get mad – they are doing their job, and I know I was in the wrong – from that point until I am driving everything is geared toward getting back on the road and not being locked up in the cruiser…

I hit my turn signals to show I saw them and am pulling over, I find a spot off of the road wide enough for my car and the patrol car. If this is not immediately available I want the officer to know I am not running… I do not try to put my seatbelt on, get my papers, or throw out my cigarette (Don’t tell my wife, but after a hard day I may smoke a cigar to relax) – the officer can see your shoulders move and too much movement may make him think your being evasive.

I pull over far enough so that the officer can use his car as a shield against traffic. Some departments have to officer come from the passenger side due to several cops being killed by passing cars. Getting out of the patrol car on a busy highway is dangerous, and being considerate to the officer’s safety helps start building a sense of safety in the cop – REMEMBER if he sees you as a threat you may see the muzzle of his gun…

I keep my hands on the wheel so he can see them, and I wait until he knocks on my door to roll down the window. (I do not roll it down all the way for legal reasons, but enough to converse with the officer. I also replace my hands on the wheel after I roll down the window.)

I wait for the officer to speak (also for legal reasons I do not answer the part about do you know why I pulled you over – if you tell him then you are admitting a criminal act, if you say no your lying about it)… When he asks me for license and registration I say, “officer, before I comply, I need to inform you I have a carry permit and my firearm is located ____, what do you want me to do?” Even if I am not armed I say “Officer, when you run my license you will see I have a carry permit, I want to let you know I don’t have a firearm in the vehicle but I wouldn’t want you to think I was hiding that from you”. I used to have a vehicle with a police and highway patrol frequencies; it is pretty standard for dispatch to inform the officer that you have a carry permit when they run your driver’s license. He is going to find out, by telling him first you:

Let him know you’re not hiding anything

You are concerned for his safety

You’re not a felon, a drug abuser, or crazy

If also shows you know how to play the game, understand a little about cops, and have enough disposable income to get a carry permit – basically that you’re a good guy and not worth the hassle…

I then get my papers for the officer

If they are in my glove box I leave it open to show I am not hiding anything

If they are in my center console I shut it so they don’t have to watch to see if I try to slip my hand in to get a weapon.

Remember, police do not know you; they are trained formally, as well as socially not to trust you. The quicker you prove to them that you are no threat the quicker they want to end the incident so they can get back to their work. The vast majority of the cops I know do not have a problem with law abiding citizens owning firearms, and don’t really want to be seen as the bad guy. However, they will give you a ticket in a heartbeat if you deserve one.

In my experience, by following these simple steps I get a “If I give you a warning, do you think you can slow down” more than a “by signing this you are not admitting guilt, just acknowledging that you have received a ticket.”

This is my two cents, based upon my personal experience, as well as social discussions with several cops over the years. The principles that I describe can be applied to any encounter you have with the police. As the video says (before the Department of Safety changed it) – Cops are trained to react to the sight of a gun, and they will…

Glock Receiver Disassembly

Glock Receiver DisassemblyYou’re going to have to watch the video on this one. An article on Glock Receiver Disassembly won’t do justice to this without pictures, and an article with pictures is going in an upcoming book, and as I learned from a recent book “Quitter” you cannot sell anything if you give it all away for free….

But since I like you, I will let you watch the video below for free.

Glock Pistols Disassembly & Reassembly Gun-guide (Disassembly & Reassembly Guide) Read More …

Handgun Scenario Discussion #2

Handgun Scenario #2When having this Handgun Scenario discussion I find that some students (thankfully very few), tell me they would draw on the bank robber because he is a felon running away, or some other variation of the citizen’s arrest theme. Others say you cannot draw your gun because it is illegal to shoot someone in the back*… Well both are from erroneous self defense ideas.

First off in Tennessee, (and most other states – but I am can only intelligently discuss my state’s law) under no circumstances can a citizen use a gun as a means to effect and arrest. This means that you have a right to make a citizen’s arrest you are NOT a cop, and if you pull your gun out you’re facing an aggravated assault (felony) charge at the least.

In Tennessee, our laws reflect the idea that a human life (no matter if it is a criminal life or not) is worth more than stuff. You can ONLY use your firearm for self-defense if you have the two conditions below met at the exact moment you use your gun.

The person you are shooting is a presenting an immediate threat upon your life – they have a weapon or ability to kill or seriously injure you (put you in the hospital type injury not black eye/broken nose type).

You honestly believe they are trying to kill you and you are in fear for your life. This doesn’t mean you think they will kill you later, or they said they are going to kill you, but that you are in reasonable fear right now….

Scenario Question:

Can he kill you?

Sure, he has a gun (but so does every cop you meet, every carry permit holder, soldier, me….)

Do you have a reasonable fear?

You may be afraid, but it’s not reasonable – he is running away….

So if you said you would draw your gun then you need to seriously consider why you are carrying as well as the applicable laws. In this scenario, the armed citizen is breaking the letter, as well as the spirit, of the law.

*This is hypothetical, but I know someone is going to ask about my statement on illegal to shoot someone in the back… The law in my state does not address this so it is not illegal – they only have codified what I said about immediate threat that you reasonably fear. I am sure there is a possibility that someone is a lethal threat to you or an innocent third party but they have their back to you – suicide bomber maybe? Or you fired a double tap and the bad guy was turning – meaning you did not aim at his back but the round impacted there as the first round spun him? Who knows – All I know is that you are legally and morally responsible for every bullet fired and the legally responsible part is based upon the legal code of the state you are in and Tennessee’s code doesn’t specifically mention location of bullet holes just actions and intents of the participants….


Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense: What You Need to Know

A priceless education for new handgun owners. An important refresher for experienced carriers.

If you own-or are considering owning-a handgun, this book is a must, covering:

– Tips for selecting the right gun for you
– An exploration of shooting techniques
– Guidance on developing an “armed” mindset
– A realistic look at what happens in a gunfight
– Crucial advice for dealing with law enforcement
– Suggestions for dealing with anti-gun sentiment

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Upcoming Blog Talk Radio Segment

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio

I will have a 15 minute segment on gun safety to introduce the Shepherd School to the audience of the Prepper Reality Network on blog talk radio.

The show will be the Sunday at 9-10pm central.  You can tune in live on your computer here

The following Saturday I will begin hosting my own show specifically dealing with firearm issues.

This is a live call in show, so we need your calls.  However, if you cannot tune in live, you can still download the show at no cost to you.  It think this will be a great new addition to the site, and depending on the reception, it may lead to more podcasting later. Read More …