5 Self-Defense Moves that Anyone Can Learn

Though we do believe that proper martial arts training is the best way to learn an arsenal of effective self-defense moves, there are some basic moves that you can easily learn without having to spend years of training.

On this post, the team at BookMartialArts.com is sharing 5 useful and simple techniques that just about anyone can learn and use to defend themselves during a violent physical attack.

Please note that we highly recommend for you to seek the assistance of an experienced martial artist and/or a professional to demonstrate how you can safely and properly execute these self-defense moves to avoid unwanted harm or injury to yourself or others. Read More …

Why Homesteads Are Getting Free Land & Where You Can Get Yours

HomesteadThe dream of homesteading is still as alive as it was when the first Americans headed West into the unknown. Today, children of all backgrounds are facing the reality of a lower set of opportunities and less protection than their parents had. This makes the idea of a completely sustainable property even more appealing. Unfortunately, the amount of land that was once available by the Homestead Act is much less than it once was. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t free land available if you know where to look (and where to apply). This is not a way to flip land, as it is only free if you build a home (up to the requirements of the town) within a certain amount of time. Otherwise you must give it back. Read on to find out more about taking advantage of free land opportunities.

How the Homestead Act Works

In order to encourage expansion in the 1860’s, the US Government allowed settlers to take control of 120 acres of free land in exchange for signing up, building a home, and living there for five years to qualify. Today, the parcels are not as large, but there are still towns with property that do allow you to homestead, particularly in the midwest. The Great Lakes and the Breadbasket States are the main areas, and they have been working hard to encourage residents, as industries flee to larger cities. Here are some of the states (and the cities within them) that are offering residency. Read More …