Cheap Beehive Stand

Cheap Beehive Stand

Its no secret I am an internet commando – when the good idea fairy sprinkles the little light bulb dust on my head its off to the races to see if anyone else has been blessed (or cursed) with the same idea. The other day on YouTube I saw a video by TheOhioCountryboy and modified his awesome idea to build a cheap beekive stand that perfectly fit my needs.

Basically I wanted to get my hives off of the concrete blocks they were on as well as make them sit more level (my yard is on a hill). All I used were two 2x4x8 boards, a 5 ft piece of rebar, and some paint.

I cut each board into a 5 ft section and 3 1 ft sections. I then nailed the 1ft boards every foot of the long boards making what looks like a ladder. I then drilled 4 holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the rebar, and after cutting the rebar into 4 18 inch sections, pounded the rebar into the holes, and gave the whole thing a coat of white paint.

My idea of using the rebar as legs was to be able to keep animals from being able to climb up onto the stand, but I did not take into consideration the weight of the hives. I had about 6 full medium hive bodies and 4 more in various stages of honey storage. Each full 8 frame medium super of honey weights around 40 pounds, so it should NOT have surprised me when the rebar began sinking into the ground (but it did). If I did this again, I would have used 2×4’s as legs.

To tell the truth, if I did this again, I would have just made two of the hive stands like TheOhioCountryboy and just bought another hive (even though the wife would question the need for 5 beehives)…

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