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  1. My wife recorded Doomsday Preppers we couldn’t sleep and watched you build your shelter and Water Purification Using a DIY 12 volt Chlorine Producing Unit we then went online to find DIY instructions and the first youtube video we came to was your and next we found your website. cant wait to read more.

  2. Hi David,

    I saw your videos and posts about your son, William Tell. He is beautiful, looks a lot like you and wanted to wish you congratulations and great job on all the progress and how far you have come with Shepherd School.

  3. in your mesophillic cheese culture starter video you said you could use the frozen culture to inoculate milk for another culture, do you have to use the whole butter milk again or can you use regular whole milk at that point?

  4. David do you sell the bee’s was mold? You stated in your youtube video you might look into doing that. Thought it might help this old man out…LOL Please email me a reply. Tom

  5. David
    For a couple of years I have been working on a concept. The use of pool shock [HTH] in a minimal survival kit. A small vial of HTH 1 ounce or less. Another small but slightly larger empty vial. The HTH vial stores in the larger vial for storage.
    To use mix the appropriate amount of HTH in the larger vial with water. Bingo bleach to purify your water. Much less bulk than the than any thing except maybe iodine crystals. My problem is one of proportions. It is hard to quantify a heaping tablespoon and making 2 gallons of bleach to what would be needed to make 1 or 2 ounces off bleach. You sure wouldn’t want to make toxic drinking water.
    Do you have any thoughts.
    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Rich “Raspy” Shawver

  6. Hello David Nash:
    We’re from Canada and we like your program on youtube and on your site. People are commenting the same thing. Well, I just gotta say, Keep up Tenessee Good Shepherd.
    The question for the day: What size is the length of the screws to the press. And where to buy the weights and exactly how do we describe what they are? Its usefullnes is not an everyday find… for in the oddness of them: being a scientific laboratory item. I mean this is something you find in science class in High School.
    Well we did buy the cheesemaking kit from Ricki Carrol in Massachussetts where you bought yours. will deliver to Canada.
    Best wishes, Paul and Sharon from

    the “pays en haut, Quebec” playing the banjo

    1. The bolts were the longest I could find in the local hardware store, and the weights were something I made. a brick in a food container with a couple of 5 pound weights from an exercise set would work also.

  7. Hi David,

    I just found your website. Oh my gosh!! Are you my brother?? Just kidding, its just that the articles you have here sound just like my brother and I. I was hooked when I read your “disclaimer”. I grew up thinking that your ideas in the “disclaimer” was the norm, how everyone felt, but sadly, we seem to be in the minority.

    My Dad was a crop duster, and as such he taught us all kind of skills similar to yours……welding, woodwork, lathes, bandsaws, etc, etc……example, when we were 13/14 years old we built a “motorbike” out of a bycycle and an old 2 cyle engine we found….we learned a lot about gear ratios.

    I will be spending time reading the rest of your site, and probably trying some of your “experiments”.

    I have a masters degree in electrical engineering (so some of my projects have different dangers). But if I can help you out in that field just let me know.

    I just want to thank you for putting this stuff on a web site for people like me to find.

    Have a blessed day!!

    Gerald in South Carolina….

    1. I will definitely take you up on that, I am beginning to work on things that use a lot of current at high amps, stuff that I cannot spit ball calculate like I have been.

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