Downloads fixed

computerWe had to erase and re-upload all our downloadable files to ensure that there were no malicious codes introduced by our recent hack.  To keep everything a little more secure, we also changed the way we handle downloads on the back end of our site.

This means we no longer have a category on the top menu bar, but have to go through the category link on the sidebar. – That may break incoming links, and we are sorry for that inconvenience.

We are still working on scanning for and replacing compromised media files like JPEGs, so the majority of our pictures are broken.

Also, some of the users were not actual users, and were “bots” so we erased all of the user files, and changed how we handle subscribers, so if you wish to subscribe to email updates you will have to resubscribe.

Lastly, we appreciate your patience, and would ask that if you notice a broken link on our site to please contact us, we have several years of content and may miss something.

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