Free PDF: Employment of Draught Animals in Agriculture

Employment of Draught Animals in Agriculture
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I dream of having a large enough spread that I can afford to ditch the engine and go back to draft animals.  I know it is highly unlikely, but there is something about using the power of animals to haul logs and clear land that moves me.

When I move logs to the sawmill I use the truck, my old gravely walking tractor, or if its early enough in the day and a small enough logs, the power of dave.

I messed around with the idea of hitching my two goats to a wagon, but I am not good enough to sew a harness, and I am too cheap to buy a good one.

Using draft animals is more than just hitching them to whatever you want to move.  Knowledge on selection, training, equipment, care, feeding, and proper usage is essential to avoid injury – both to you and your animal.

The link below opens a PDF from the CD3WD set by Alex Weir, I cant’t code the site to use the disks as designed, but I am slowly working on uploading the information. This document is on the Employment of draught animals in agriculture.

Employment of Draught Animals in Agriculture

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