Free PDF: FM 3-06-11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain (2002)

FM 3-06-11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain provides brigade and battalion commanders and staffs, company commanders, small-unit leaders, and individual Infantrymen with considerations and combined arms TTP for conducting full-spectrum urban operations (offense, defense, stability, and support).

Worldwide urban growth and the shift of populations from rural to urban areas have affected Army operations. Urban areas will most probably constitute future battlefields. All major Army operations most likely include urban operations (UO) in the foreseeable future.

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There is a high probability that the US Army may be engaged by threat forces that are intermingled with the civilian population. Units using the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) outlined in this manual are bound by the specific rules of engagement (ROE) issued by their headquarters and the laws of land warfare.

Some techniques for dealing with insurgents and terrorists or similar threats are included; however, the manuals which best address these issues are FM 7-98 and FM 90-8. This manual may also be used as a reference for other combat, combat support and combat service support commanders, leaders, and staffs that will be required to support combined arms urban operations.

FM 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain 2002

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