Fundamentals of Marine Corps Marksmanship

Fundamentals of Marine Corps MarksmanshipThis video is an older (1999) video from the US Marine Corps dealing with the fundamentals of Marine Corps marksmanship. Every Marine is a rifleman, and the Corps prides itself on its marksmanship training.

This video may be old (it was created the year I was discharged) but its message is timeless.

Being a marksman is a vital skill for preparedness.  Ammunition is only going to become more expensive and harder to find.  The day is looming that ammunition will be registered or otherwise strictly controlled.

Being able to get rounds on target quickly and efficiently without waste is a key skill.

In my years as a firearm instructor I have learned that marksmanship is partly knowledge (knowledge that is found in the great video below.)  but is also the willingness to apply that knowledge and the discipline to practice when it is not convenient, easy, or fun.

Making the Best of Basics

Rifle Marksmanship

All Marines share a common warfighting belief: “Every Marine a rifleman.” This simple credo reinforces the belief that all Marines are forged from a common experience, share a common set of values, and are trained as members of an expeditionary force in readiness. As such, there are no “rear area” Marines, and no one is very far from the fighting during expeditionary operations. The Marine rifleman of the next conflict will be as in past conflicts: among the first to confront the enemy and the last to hang his weapon in the rack after the conflict is won. Rifle Marksmanship, a Marine Corps Reference Publication, provides techniques and procedures for Marine Corps rifle marksmanship. Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman. Rifle Marksmanship reflects this ethos and the Marine Corps’ warfighting philosophy. This publication discusses the individual skills required for effective rifle marksmanship and standardizes the techniques and procedures used throughout the Marine Corps. It constitutes the doctrinal basis for all entry-level and sustainment-level rifle marksmanship training.
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