Kefir for Clean Baby Bottles

Kefir for Clean Baby Bottles

2As with all parenting tips, take this as it is presented – something I learned that I think is useful – that I am sharing.

I have a friend that is trained in toxicology, that is also an awesome home brewer and creator of all manner of Charcuterie.  I will freely admit, that if I got this idea from Joe Snuffie on some anonymous internet page I would probably not try it, however I trust my source and he does it with his own baby.
So I my friend and I were talking about kids and the conversation turned to how his child had started “hiding” baby bottles around the house, and how nasty an old bottle of milk could get. I could just see the rising expense of baby bottles, as my wife would never let me reuse a bottle that once held moldy rotted milk.

My friend sympathized and shared a tip he uses, which is to put a small kefir grain in with the formula.

Basically all he is doing is inoculating the milk to control the bacteria in it.  The baby drinks all he wants before the milk turns to kefir (which takes 30 days or so), and if the half drunk bottle disappears behind the couch the good bacteria in the kefir overpowers the nasty bacteria that makes the milk turn black and nasty.

Kefir is a pro-biotic, which is something a baby needs anyway, so the small amount in the milk could be argued as beneficial to baby, even though I posit that the small amount is relatively neutral.

Now, as a disclaimer – this isn’t for infants – this is for toddlers who are old enough to tolerate honey because of a more established bacterial culture in their intestines.  Also before you trust your baby’s health to some crazy internet guy – run this past their pediatrician.  I am not a doctor, I just think this is a neat idea that I plan on trying when the boy gets a little older.

Real kefir is a very healthy, yogurt like, fermented dairy drink which can be make only with live colonies of micro organisms living symbiotically - kefir grains. The natives of Caucasus Mountain (Russia) drank kefir like water already a couple thousands years ago. This is the only place in the world where the people reach advanced old age in perfect health. According to Dr. Mankiw, who researched kefir all his life, tuberculosis, cancer, stomach ailments etc. are unknown there. Nobody knows when and how the grains came to be, but they believe it was a gift from God. Kefir can be made by adding the grains to any kind of milk. It has more beneficial cultures than other fermented milk products such as yogurt, which can be made with only two kinds of bacteria. Research proved that kefir has more than 20 different bacteria and yeasts. Its microflora is very compatible with the needs of our body, which is said to strengthen our immunity, aid digestive system and even fight cancer. Kefir tastes slightly sour but also has a tingly quality because, unlike yogurt, it is naturally carbonated by its yeasts. We will send you enough organic live kefir grains for one cup in special packaging that you can start to make and drink kefir, together with all information how to do it. It is easy to make it and benefits could be tremendous. Grains will slowly grow in the milk and you can add more and more milk to make and drink more kefir. After a while you can give some grains to your friends and relatives to help them to be happier and healthier...
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