Medical Manuals (including the Where their is no Doctor series)

Medical Manuals

Medical Manuals

Here are some medical manuals that the copyright owners want given away for free, if you every have to pay money to download these, then someone is cheating both you and the original authors. The Hesperian group that publishes the “Where there is no Doctor” series does really good work, and the books are definitely worth downloading and buying the actual paper copy.

Here are the manuals you can download for free.

I have done a virus check before I uploaded them, but you may want to be prudent and check them when you do so.

  • Communicable Disease Field Manual
  • Dead Bodies Field Manual
  • Herbal Formulas 1
  • Medical FAQ Version 2.00
  • Where There is No Dentist
  • Where Women Have No Doctor
  • Survival & Austere Medicine
  • Where There Is No Doctor – A Village Health Care Handbook – David Werner

I don’t see how any person that is interested in basic personal preparedness or self reliance can do so without good information on food production and storage.  You don’t have to use these manuals, but I find them to be good – especially at the price.

As I stated at the top of this post, all the documents here have been checked for copyright, and the content creators are fine with sharing of their works, but they do not want anyone making money from it.  I bought some PDF collections of survival manual online, and found these books on the disks.  Which is against the content creator’s wishes.

I figured I would provide them for free so you won’t have to search for them.

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  1. Do you have a recommendation on a FM or other source that has suture techniques? Thanks 

  2. Sorry, I have been out of town for the past 3 weeks for flood relief work, what attachments did you want, and I will send them to you…

  3. T. McMaster says:

    Great resource!!! Thanks for the hard work. It is appreciated!