Neat Oreo Cookie Trick

Oreo Trick So this is not a prepper/gun/DIY post – but man can’t like on preps alone – sometimes you just have to have fun with your kids, and I love sharing cookies and milk with my boy. Unfortunately, my bride does not understand that messes can be cleaned up, but kids are only kids once, so […] Continue reading →

The Art of Mail Armor

Mail Armor Picture yourself in a full set of shining mail armor at your next reenactment, fair or costume party. And the best part is that you can say you made it yourself. The Art of Mail Armor shows you how to start with a piece of wire and end with a finished garment that costs a […] Continue reading →

Freezing Peppers

peppers I always end up growing a lot of peppers each year, partly because I like peppers, but mostly it is because it is the one plant I can grow. There are lots of ways to preserve peppers, I have shown how to dry peppers using a Ristra, you can pressure can them, you can make […] Continue reading →

Refurbishing Garden Tools

Tool handles need work to stay in shape I had a bunch of old garden tools that needed refurbishing, I know that common wisdom says not to paint shovels, but I used a tough paint, and frankly I thought it looked nice. The real work in refurbishing garden tools was in the handles.  I took a lot of time sanding down the wooded […] Continue reading →