TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook

TM-31-210-Improvised-Munitions-Handbook You don’t need to be a trained soldier to fully appreciate this edition of the U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook (TM 31-210). Originally created for soldiers in guerilla warfare situations, this handbook demonstrates the techniques for constructing weapons that are highly effective in the most harrowing of circumstances. Straightforward and incredibly user-friendly, it provides insightful […] Continue reading →

Fix a Flat Tire With Fire

Tire Fire Sometimes you can deal with those infuriating flat tires with some very commonplace items. Easily fixing a tire with common household appliances is not really a big deal. A flat tire happens when the bead of the tire separates from the wheel. The loss of pressure is what causes the tire to become flat. Continue reading →

Top 5 Upgrades For Your Handgun

handgun Whether you are using your handgun for personal protection or sport, it is immensely beneficial to upgrade your gun from time to time. Upgrading your handgun enhances the capabilities of your gun, it makes your gun look more professional, and it also gives you something to brag about to your pro-gun friends and family. As […] Continue reading →