Advanced Carbine Tactics

carbine Its exceptional accuracy, controllability, and wide array of accessories make the carbine an essential tool for modern warriors. In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, WARTAC founder Rich Nance and WARTAC instructor Aaron Peachman teach combat techniques and tactics designed to help you deploy the carbine under real-world conditions. In Advanced Carbine Tactics they first […] Continue reading →

Planting Willow Cuttings

willow cutting I want to make a fedge – a fence hedge – a natural fence that is created by weaving trees together as saplings so they grow into an impenetrable fence. I am going to do this by mixing willow, osage orange, and honey locust seeds together. in 4-5 years I will have a bull strong […] Continue reading →

What is a Brush Hook

Brush Axe I am clearing land at dual homestead in order to turn some scrub land into productive pasture. Unfortunately thorn bush and vines have taken hold and I need a long handled brush hook to get up under the vines to cut them down without getting cut up myself. I have owned several versions of Brush […] Continue reading →

Emergency War Surgery

Emergency War Surgury Emergency War Surgery is not the be all end all medical reference, and in a catastrophic disaster, if you are on my team and break this out and read it with one hand as you try to pull a bullet out of my leg – prepare to get kicked in the head… But this book does […] Continue reading →