The Preparatory Manual of Explosives 3rd Edition

The-Preparatory-Manual-of-Explosives-3rd-Edition-1Knowledge is like guns. It is a tool that in itself has no moral values. It is how it is used that makes it good or evil, or similarly (but not quite alternatively) lawful or unlawful.

This is a valuable reference book, full of great information rarely found elsewhere, however, it is also highly illegal to actually construct, or plan to construct anything in this book without the proper licenses.


Home Workshop Explosives, Second Edition

Home Workshop Explosives, Second Edition

Home-Workshop-ExplosivesI like to joke (not really a joke, but more of gallows humor) that I am on several “lists” due to my eclectic and controversial book purchases.*

However, as I used to tell my college kids (in intro to terrorism) if you don’t know the bad guy tactics then you can never hope to catch them. you will hear more about that when I get around to reviewing The Monkey Wrench Gang, The Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla, and Turner Diaries, I don’t suggest you follow any of the things in today’s book, and almost all of it will get you a LONG prison term, but I can see where having the KNOWLEDGE could be useful. (more…)