Lighting a Bee Smoker

2 I want to give credit where it is due, I have spent a lot of time watching the “Fat Bee Man” on YouTube, and I really like how he does stuff. Today’s post is my adaptation of his technique of how to start lighting a bee smoker. The trick is to get a lot of […] Continue reading →

New Rabbit Tractor

2 I am a big fan of chicken tractors, and probably will be until I can actually pasture or free range them. After talking with Paul Wheaton and joining his permaculture forum I started thinking about tractor raising my rabbits. After researching more, I decided to try it. I built a new rabbit tractor, and made […] Continue reading →

Spring 2013 Homestead Update

2 This is about the fourth year we have been raising some of our own food, and while each year we get a little better, this year we are cutting back a little and trying to conserve some of our time. We are focused on trying to learn the layout of our future homestead, so instead […] Continue reading →