May 11th Shotgun Instructor Class One Seat Left (Discounted)


imagesCARUBYMJI have one seat left and a newly broken septic tank, so I am taking $100 off the normal course fee.  If you already have the NRA basic instructor certification and want to add the Shotgun instructor discipline, this one day class is now $250.

As I said, I only have one more set of books, so you need to act fast.  If you are interested email me at [email protected]

Recipe Homemade Bacon


baconCuring your own bacon is something I used to hold as some sort of mystery, but when I actually looked into what was needed, and tried it, I realized it is EASY. This, among all the other projects, is something that the wife says she wants me to repeat. Homemade bacon is easy, its tasty, and depending on where you get your pork from, it can be cheaper than store bought.
All you need is a whole pork belly, the curing mix (which we will show you how to make), and a smoker that works in the 150°-200°F degree range.


PRN Episode #16 Interview Barefoot Builder



Tonight’s show features Christina Ott, also known as the Barefoot Builder.  At the age of 23 Christina built her own home mortgage free using a construction technique called cob.  This ancient building method has been used on several continents and provides some special benefits to those wanting to become self-reliant.

Would you be interested in a house that you can build yourself, out of materials found on your own land, without special tools, for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars?

What if this house was bullet-proof, earthquake proof, impervious to fire, rot, or termites.  If it was low-footprint and sustainable, and required very little external heating or cooling?  What if it was invisible from the air?
Over the next hour, Christina discuss what cob is, educates away common misconceptions, talks about zoning and building code issues. and shows a simple test you can perform on your own land to learn if your land is cob material…
You can learn more about Christina the Barefoot Builder at her website  You can also visit her YouTube channel and watch her ballistic testing of cob at

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.


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Alabama White Sauce



Besides the boy, and her endless (hopefully) patience at my “good” ideas and projects the greatest gift my wife has given me was introducing me to the delicacy known as white sauce.  This Alabama delicacy should not be confused with white sauce that chefs list as one of the 5 mother sauces of French cuisine.  This is much better, and at least one famous BBQ restaurant has made their fortunes with this sauce. (more…)