In The Gravest Extreme

In-the-Gravest-Extreme-The-Role-of-the-Firearm-in-Personal-Protection Some of the information in the book In The Gravest Extreme is outdated – some laws have changed, and when this book was written Glocks were not around. That beiong said, combat mindset does not change over time – If you took a medieval knight and transported him to this era, he would simply begin […] Continue reading →

CETME HK Slap and Failure to Fire

cetme First let’s describe what the “HK Slap” is. When the cocking handle locked back and up into a slot in the receiver, the HK slap is when the bolt handle is slapped down, releasing it to ride forward under spring pressure to chamber a round. This is how many of the HK guns were designed […] Continue reading →

Garlic for Varoa Mites

garlic Garlic is anti-fungal, anti-septic, and is an antibiotic.  My beekeeping mentors are very organic and do not like treating their bees with chemicals. There is not a lot of scientific evidence that garlic enhances varoa mite treatments, but it does not hurt. What I did was take the normal powdered sugar varoa mite treatment as […] Continue reading →