Father’s Day Gift Ideas

dad Now that I have a little one running around Father’s day takes on a whole new meaning… While WT is the greatest gift I could hope for, when he gets bigger I hope he doesn’t fall into the cliche of getting me ties. To make it easy on those shopping for father’s day (and to […] Continue reading →

Bottle Cap Candle

2 As a byproduct of keeping bees, I have a lot of wax, which lead me into candle making. Simple beeswax candles are very easy to make, last a long time, don’t smoke or leave soot, and make a very clear light. However, they can be large and take up too much space to put in […] Continue reading →

Beeswax for Dirty Hands

Beeswax for Dirty Hands When I garden or work with my hands I tend to end up with dry hands – I have all sorts of beeswax based salves, but preventing is better than treating, at least in my opinion.  So I wanted to show you how to use beeswax for dirty hands to keep them clean. I have […] Continue reading →

JM Bullion-Precious Metals

0 Our next introduction will be that of our precious metals partner, JM Bullion. They are an online resource able to suit the needs of just about any precious metals investor. Whether you are looking for bars, coins, or rounds JM Bullion has large quantities of all three. Since JM has a large selection of both […] Continue reading →