I was a guest on the Destiny Survival podcast


PRNI recently was a guest on John Westley Smith’s Destiny Survival Podcast – John runs a very cool site Destiny Survival, and I highly recommend you visiting his site.

The show will be live on blogtalk radio at 1pm this afternoon, but as with all PRN shows, you can download it after the show anytime for your convenience.

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Great Website (backdoorsurvival.com)


314762_266982259999197_1876473295_nToday I want to showcase a favorite show of mine, now this isn’t some new site – Gaye Levy’s Backdoor Survival is well known.  But I follow it, and make a point to visit back on a regular basis, so as a favorite resource of mine, I wanted to share it with those that may not have visited it before.

Gaye has several really cool features – she does a weekly survival buzz post where she showcases several need and nice to know items – this week she talked about diy cleaners, a bargain food storage taste test, and some reader tips. (more…)

Repair of Ready Set Solar Battery


ReadysetI won a Ready Set solar kit at an instructables.com contest and was dying to do a review.

During the review process I noticed that the ReadySet I received did not work.  Now, I was saddened by this as I have been wanting to do this review for several months.

I contacted Fenix Intl through customer service about the problem and after about an hour I received what I consider to be an appropriate reply.

Basically I got one of the kits on the first production run, and the spade connection on the battery worked itself off in transit.  The company said I could either get an RMA and ship the old kit in for a replacement OR they could send me instructions for fixing the problem myself, and if I could not fix it they would get me and RMA.

I bet you have no question about which option I took…. (more…)

NRA Instructor Personal Protection In The Home Course Gallatin TN April 20-21, 2013


imagesCARUBYMJYou must already be certified by the NRA as a Basic Pistol Instructor to take this course.

This instructor level workshop will provide you the means to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.

Through role-playing and other exercises, you will be able to learn how to present and deliver the information contained in the NRA’s PPITH curriculum to your students.

THIS WILL BE A HANDS ON COURSE. There is a standard expectation that each instructor candidate must pass.

You have to be fully comfortable with your firearm, know the safety rules without hesitation, and have a working knowledge of the defensive skillset from the PPITH Student level class (more…)