Memorial Day

Iwo Jima As you prepare to grill out, visit the lake, or whatever else you plan to do today, take a few minutes and remember those that died for the freedom so many take for granted. I wish to thank both our veterans and the families of our fallen for their sacrifice. Continue reading →

PRN Episode #19 Interview Lamar Alexander

PRN For today’s show David interviews Lamar Alexander (of prepper fame, not the former Tennessee Governor.) of Simple Solar Homesteading and author of many books on tiny house living as it relates to being more self-sufficent. When life threw Lamar some lemons, he made more than lemonade, he refined the recipe and then decided to share […] Continue reading →

Bulk Hamburger Storage Tip

Bulk Hamburger Storage We buy our meat in bulk – and that means we have to do some repackaging of large packs into smaller amounts. Today’s Bulk Hamburger Storage tip will help you freeze large portions of ground meat in a way that allows you to break off smaller quantities without having to thaw the entire package. In the […] Continue reading →

Food Storage Made Easy & Delicious

7b3a2cc727d7306a27cad1e719ab2c6a As a prepper I am constantly looking at long-term food storage solutions and I wanted to write today about a new company I found that has really top-quality foods and one of the things I like the best about them is the products are so easy to make. The idea of having a long-term food […] Continue reading →

Old School Rifle Boresighting

rifle I like gadgets and things that make life easier, BUT – I think it is vital that we don’t loose the ability to perform essential tasks without the aid of specialized equipment. Today we will describe the “old school” method of boresighting that allows you to sight in your rifle without the aid of laser […] Continue reading →