PRN Episode #17 Raising Rabbits

PRN Tonight’s show s about raising rabbits for meat rather than as pets or as show animals. I have raised meat rabbits for the past 3 or 4 years, but it runs in my family.  My late Paternal Grandfather made his living raising and processing rabbits and quail near Baton Rouge Louisiana. As prepper livestock, rabbits […] Continue reading →

Glock Sight Tip

glockdot One of the reasons I love teaching instructor classes is I get to spend time with very knowledgeable professionals and share knowledge with them.  I generally learn as much from them as they learn from me. This Glock Sight is an example of this. In one my Pistol Instructor Class, I noticed one of my […] Continue reading →

Exciting New Development

DSCN0022 We have been teaching for the past 10 years, and have been running the YouTube Channel and website in its current direction for the past couple, but we have had our dream to build a sustainable homestead/teaching center/community resource for the past 30.  It has taken us a long time to get to a point […] Continue reading →

DIY Olive Oil Lamp

lamp One of the constant issues preppers have to deal with is storing enough fats and oils and keeping up with their short shelf lives. Today’s article on a DIY Olive oil lamp gives you a new use for rancid olive oil that is no longer fit for kitchen use, but still too expensive just to […] Continue reading →