Tip for Storing Honey Frames Before Extraction


honeyToday I want to share a tip that has made my beekeeping life a little easier. As I go through my hives, and pull off capped frames of honey I want to make sure that I have enough frames to make it worth extracting.

It tends to take me a full weekend to extract, most of that being filtering and cleanup, and it seems that the cleanup is the same no matter how much I have extracted, so I don’t want to got through the trouble for only a box or two (more…)

PRN Episode #4 AR-15 Build and Tips


PRNIn this episode David talks about Pros and cons of building vs buying an AR-15, as well as some tips when dealing with AR-15′s

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.




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Why we are losing, and what to do about it…


rightsWe are losing – Looking at it rationally I don’t see any other conclusion that conservative America is losing the big fights.

Look at the freedoms of your grandparents, compare that to the rules your parent’s lived by, contrast that to today’s regulations, and then extrapolate out the world your children will raise their children in.

When I was in high school, I carried a pocketknife and did not think twice about it, but today while visiting a federal office to turn in a form I had to race through my mind to ensure I was not carrying any such “dangerous weapons” as I was being searched by a thuggish security guard.

During hunting season, I saw many rifles and shotguns in the back of my fellow student’s pickup – now children are suspended for having a picture of a gun, a gun shaped piece of paper, or making a gesture that looks like a gun as a deaf child named Hunter signs his name.

Rather than ranting about who is to blame for this slide into tyranny – I want to explore my thoughts on why we are losing the culture war, and some steps we can take to win it. (more…)

Great YouTube Resource


spinesalesI have decided to start showcasing some of the websites and YouTube Channels that I use as a resource.  Today I am going to introduce you to a YouTuber names spinesales.

This guy has a lot of great videos, he does a lot of machining and foundry work, as well as gunsmithing and bluing.  I first started following him when I saw some of his swaging videos (for those that don’t know swagging is the process of using pressure to create jacketed bullets).

I asked him some questions and he responded by making the videos I have a the bottom of the post.

What he is talking about is swaging .22lr spent cases to begin the process of turning them into  .223 jacketed bullets.  Which, while labor intensive, may just become an extremely valuable skill. (more…)