Two NRA Pistol Instructor Course (includes Basic Instructor Training Course) Clarksville TN July 11-12 and August 8-9, 2015

imagesCARUBYMJ We will be teaching the two NRA Pistol Instructor Courses (Including the Basic Instructor Course) at Clarksville Guns and Archery in Clarksville TN you can choose from either the weekend July 11-12 or August 8-9. Either weekend will be a hands on course where you will be expected to teach on demand all aspects of […] Continue reading →

Homemade Taco Shells

3 Tacos are a very easy meal to make, and they can be pretty inexpensive also. In today’s article we will show how easy it is to make your own Homemade Taco Shells. In the video below we use store bought corn tortillas, but we have done articles in the past about how to make your […] Continue reading →

PRN Episode #21 Interview Rob Roy

PRN Lately we have been doing some shows that blend sustainable living and mortgage free DIY home building with a view toward preparedness and disaster resilience. In today’s show David interviews one of the leading innovators in Cordwood masonry, Mr Rob Roy. Rob Roy runs the Earthwood Building School at Here is an explanation on […] Continue reading →

Country Beans

Country-Beans I picked up Country Beans just to buy something is a really cool store I visited in East Tennessee. I am sure glad I did. This book is the same book I used to make the Tofu and bean milk, as well as the bean flour I used to bake the bread, which opened the […] Continue reading →