Mason Jar Hamburger Press

DSCN0460 I know some people in my life think I am crazy because they don’t get why I do the things I do, but I really have a master plan.  You see, while some of my little projects and experiments don’t always work out, or turn out to be inefficient – the process keeps my mind […] Continue reading →

Reusing Beetle Blaster Traps

beetle blaster   Fighting small hive beetles is a never ending battle, I use coroplast traps with Crisco and boric acid and beetle blaster traps filled with diatomaceous earth as my two main traps. The coroplast traps are DIY and are basically free, but the beetle blasters are a commercial product that is designed to be used […] Continue reading →

PRN Episode #25 Interview Dr. Tom Cannon

PRN For today’s show David is interviewing an real-life rocket scientist, innovator, and Hall of Fame athlete Dr. Tom Cannon. Dr. Cannon holds 21 different patents – from things such as the fiber optic connectors on the Patriot Missile system, to a bubble level device to help you perfect your golf swing – but today we […] Continue reading →

Ask me no Questions, I’ll Tell you no Lies

ASK Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies is a pretty interesting book, especially since courts have long held that law enforcement officers can lie to you. There have been several instances of innocent individuals convicted based upon statements they have made to cops. If your a thug, and criminal then you deserve to go […] Continue reading →

Glock Smooth Trigger Replacement

0982-0213 I do not believe in modifying carry guns outside of factory specifications. A small part of this is because of liability, but mostly it is because of the unknown consequences to reliability. A firearm is a machine, and the weight of the parts of the gun are factored in with drag, inertia, spring weight, type […] Continue reading →