Mason Jar Salt Lid Tip


saltThe Parmesan cheese lid article was so popular I figured I would show you a similar tip for wide mouth jars.

The top of a 26 ounce salt container just happens to be the same size as a wide mouth mason jar.  The top and the bottom are formed, with the body being wound around them.  If you feel the container, you will feel a “lip”.  If you carefully cut the top along this lip – you can press it down over the top of a wide mouth mason jar and screw the ring over it. (more…)

NRA Instructor Personal Protection In The Home Course (Must be Current NRA Pistol Instructor) Clarksville TN May 11-12, 2013


imagesCARUBYMJYou must already be certified by the NRA as a Basic Pistol Instructor to take this course.

This instructor level workshop will provide you the means to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.

Through role-playing and other exercises, you will be able to learn how to present and deliver the information contained in the NRA’s PPITH curriculum to your students.

THIS WILL BE A HANDS ON COURSE. There is a standard expectation that each instructor candidate must pass. You have to be fully comfortable with your firearm, know the safety rules without hesitation, and have a working knowledge of the defensive skillset from the PPITH Student level class (more…)

DIY Card Pad

Card Pad

Card PadAs I said in the video, today’s project is not a “prepper” project, but rather something I did to make carrying my business cards easier.  I just wanted to share it with you in the event that it may make your life a little easier as well.  You see, I don’t like carrying business cards, they get wrinkled and bent.  What this project does is connect them into a pad just like a notebook or memo pad.  Something that may be of interest is I have heard of a particular technology guru that buys sheets of two dollar bills from the US Treasury, has them perforated between bills, and then padding compound applied to make tear off pads of money – He likes the wow factor. (more…)

Survival Still for Salt Water


Survival-Still-199x300When I did the first survival still review I heard two types of comments

  1. its neat, but too expensive
  2. its cool, but the commenter had a filter, and therefore had no need.

Those are both valid concerns, but – at least in my situation (and probably many of yours) they aren’t accurate.

I know $279 seems expensive, but when looking at durable goods you have to balance cost with benefits.  The price of the still is very competitive with filter systems like Berkeys – but unlike filters – they never clog, break, or need maintenance.

As a firearm instructor – I see students try to skimp on quality – and when they come to class with cheap guns trying to save a few dollars on guns and end up with malfunctions and problems – until they end up buying quality the second time. (more…)