PRN Episode #28 FerFal

PRN Today on the Shepherd School Show, David interviews Fernando Aguirre, also known to many preppers as Ferfal. Fernando grew up in Argentina and tells us first-hand what life was like during and after the economic collapse of the late 1990′s. Most preppers make educated guesses about what would happen, or what they would do in […] Continue reading →

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Far-Beyond-Defensive-Tactics Far Beyond Defensive Tactics is one of the best defensive tactics books on the market. I have read, reread, dog-eared, and written in the margins of this book – then went out and bought a new copy just in case. I have personally used several of the concepts in this book in real life encounters within […] Continue reading →

Finger in the “C” Position

0982-0213 I am a big believer in keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire your handgun. The traditional way of doing this it to keep your finger straight lain along the frame of the gun above the trigger well. I like this way, but I was recently shown another technique. Personally […] Continue reading →

Recipe Brownie Mix

mqdefault One of the few (edit: many) things my wife and I disagree on is groceries, when I shop I always compare the ingredients of things and buy generic whenever the ingredients are the same, or the difference between generic and name brand does not matter – i.e generic peanut butter is NOT the same as […] Continue reading →

Duct Tape Arrow Fletching

mqdefault Several years ago I tried out Dave Canterbury’s sling bow, and it was fun and I saw that it had potential, but arrows were expensive and the short arrows I bought just did not develop enough energy to be useful. I decided to look into making my own arrows.  Arrow-making has obviously been around a […] Continue reading →