PRN Episode #17 Raising Rabbits


Tonight’s show s about raising rabbits for meat rather than as pets or as show animals.
I have raised meat rabbits for the past 3 or 4 years, but it runs in my family.  My late Paternal Grandfather made his living raising and processing rabbits and quail near Baton Rouge Louisiana.
As prepper livestock, rabbits are hard to beat.  They have a high feed to meat ratio, are quite, prolific breeders, and since they are small there is less waste when refrigeration is non-existent.
Right now I am experimenting with rabbit tractors where the rabbits are free to graze and breed naturally, we talk about the pros and cons of this, as well as many other issues with the keeping of small livestock in suburban environments.

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.


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