PRN Episode #24 Interview Glen Meador

PRNIn keeping with last week’s show about the basics, this week we will talk about water purification with one of the most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the business.

Glen Meador is the inventor of the Survival Still, and comes from a family that runs one of the best water distillation companies in the world.  Their products supply embassies worldwide with pure water free of any contamination.

Glen took his knowledge of water purification and used it to design a non-electric, no moving part water distiller that can function anywhere.

I personally own one and have shot several videos using it on rocket stoves, campfires, charcoal grills, and kitchen stoves.  I have purified urine, salt water, pond water, muddy water, and have even pulled pure water from sweet tea and juice just to see what would happen.

We talk about the mechanics of water, types of contaminates, methods of purification, the FEMA and Red Cross purification suggestions, and of course the survival still itself.

You can learn more about the survival still at or on my website

You can download the episode at this link.


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