No Longer Podcasting with the Preparedness Radio Network

PRNI have enjoyed podcasting as an additional method of communicating with other preppers, however, everything comes to an end.

I don’t have the time to ensure that the shows I send are posted on time, and that they are uploaded in time for me to post the links on this site.

I have a couple more shows already taped, and I am sure PRN will use them, as well as keep playing my old shows

My show Prepping Lessons from Noah was supposed to play tomorrow, but they are playing either Introduction to Alphabet Kits or 27 Prepper Precepts.  I am not sure which.

If you want podcasts, I have a plugin to do it direct from this site, or I can find another network – my plan is to take a break, and if  I have an idea for a podcast, I will just plug it in direct on this site.

I truly respect PRN’s Owner James Talmadge Stevens AKA Dr. Prepper, and appreciate all he has taught me in the last 6 months so this was not an easy decision.


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