Recipe Campfire Roasted Starburst

Recipe Campfire Roasted Starburst

mqdefaultWe went camping the other day so we could begin the process of learning our land so we could make good decisions on land use – and after a long day of running up and down the raw acres we sat down and enjoyed the campfire.

My wife had never been camping before, so we had to make s’mores – but I wanted to try something new.

I had read about roasting starburst few candy over a fire, but I had never tried it.  I don’t really have a sweet tooth (except for vanilla ice-cream and snickers). but this was good.

I was surprised at how good it was.

I put it over the flame until the candy started to bubble and then I let it cool.

It formed a hard shell, and the candy inside almost liquified – it was really good – next time you go camping – you really ought to try it.

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