Selco “One Year in Hell’ Giveaway has been generous enough to allow me to giveaway two Selco one year in hell courses to the readers of this blog.

This is a great course that I reviewed some time ago.  I really liked how Selco talked about the signs of the coming collapse, the initial stages, and how he and his group survived.  This course gave me lots of new things to think about and I appreciated hearing from someone that had actual life experience surviving the type of collapse many preppers foresee.

All you have to do to enter to win one of the two free courses ($35.00 dollar value) is to leave a comment on THIS post.  Winners will be randomly selected using the “and the winner is” wordpress plugin.

This contest was originally scheduled to end on New Year’s Day, however, due to a recent hack we lost the original comments, so we have decided to extend the contest an extra week to allow us to try to recover the original entries.  If you entered before, and do not see your comment enter again.