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3We wanted to do a contest both to thank all our readers for the support they have given us, and at the same time get some exposure for out kickstarter project.

If you want to enter the contest you don’t have to do anything other than comment on the Kickstarter Ferrocement Building Book Project, additional entries will be given for sharing the our kickstarter page on social media. (just share it and let us know it).
The kickstarter project is to buy materials to test and document the ferrocement building method. Like out 52 projects book, our intent is to allow the reader to gain a concrete (pun intended) skill and tangible items by starting small and working toward a bigger project.

We have several projects that use the ferrocement building method – we will make a rabbit hutch, water bowls, aquaponic and water storage tanks, attempt a ferrocement roof on a picnic pavilion, and finalize the book with a ferrocement coated dome cabin.

The Kickstarter project is to raise funds for materials in exchange for being a part of a larger project and some cool rewards.

We are still looking for the right caretaker, and soon we may be able to offer the a cabin to stay in as well as part ownership in the livestock.

No matter what the outcome, we will document the build, as we believe small ferrocement domes are a good choice for an economical DIY solution for off-grid housing, and there is not a lot of detailed information on this particular use of ferrocement.

7 thoughts on “Silver Contest

  1. I think the Kickstarter Ferrocement Building Book Project sounds like a great idea that is greatly needed in these times. It seems that things are getting harder, not easier, and this may be the answer for some people to come. I love the idea of DIY projects of any kind. Keep up the good work and I will share this on facebook in the hopes that someone will be able to help back you.

  2. I entered the silver contest and look forward to seeing other things on your site! Good luck!

    Morton IL

  3. Just donated to your cause! Please enter me in the contest. Looking forward to seeing the final product!

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