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Prepping is a personal thing, and this blog is about my personal journey into learning how to better prepare myself and my loved ones for any disaster no matter how small or how catastrophic. If you follow my blog, you know that I try to have weekly  food/water post as well as at least one  DIY or skill based post.

While, I have plenty to talk about, and have many posts already scheduled, I realize that many people have ideas that may well be better than mine. I know that I learn more from others than from the good idea fairy bopping me on the head, so I want to invite anyone with something to say to post a guest post.

I want to hear what you have to say, but I do have some guidelines:

  • I love ideas, my ADHD brain is swimming in ideas, but talk is cheap, please post things you have DONE rather than THOUGHT about. I would rather have post about a failed experiment than a submission from the good idea fairy… If it failed at least we can learn from the mistake and either fix it, or stay away from it thus saving resources.
  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed and if it will benefit prepping community, it is likely to be published.
  • Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier.
  • Please make a concerted effort to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. I am not a grammar Nazi (I have been criticized for my colloquial writing style myself), but please no text speak. I want the post 2b readable 2ne1…
  • Make sure any links in your post are relevant and valid.
  • I love resources, and links to your blog or site are great if they are relevant… Make sure they are relevant.
  • If you’re doing a gear or book review that’s great, but if you’re paid disclose that. Do not submit an ad disguised as a review.

If you would like to submit your guest post for possible posting, please email it to [email protected] with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

I hate to be a jerk, but if you email me and tell me you love my website and read it all the time, please don’t then ask if I accept guest posts and wonder what my preference is…  If you are a avid reader then you should have found this “write a guest post” page.

I don’t mind if you haven’t ever seen this blog before, stumbled on it, and want to post something – just don’t act like you read it if you haven’t.  Lying is disrespectful – if you will lie about something so simple then I how can I trust anything you say – and in prepping – and the web, credibility is vital.

That being said, if you have something to say, and it meets the guidelines above, no need to ask, just send it, and I most likely will publish it.  a paragraph or two that reads like an advertisement, or worse yet, reads like a computer wrote it for a search engine is not useful to either my readers or myself and won’t be published.

Please include the following:

1. Your full name.
2. Your URL (if applicable).
3. Your post title.
4. The body of your post.
5. Attach any images you’d like to include (not required).
6. A short bio. (You don’t have to be an expert, but I want to know you know what your talking about)

I have been receiving a rash of guest post query emails for things that obviously don’t fit the site.  I am very open to new things, but the way the emails are written I feel that it may be robotic – (either computer or human). 

If you query saying you read this post, but send me a one or two paragraph article that has NOTHING to do with this site I will not respond.

In the SEO world of today, most guest posts I receive have negative consequences on my search engine optimization.  Worse, they tend toward fluff pieces that are next to useless for my readers.  I don’t NEED guest articles, because I have more ideas and scheduled posts than I can keep up with.  But I WANT to participate in the community and publish the ideas of others.

I want articles from readers and users rather than content creators trying to get links in blogs for their clients. – not to say I won’t post a guest article from a paid content creator, but that it will require more work than the majority of them are willing to invest.

13 thoughts on “Write a Guest Post

  1. Hi,

    Hope you’re well! Just wanted to ask if you accept outside content contributors, because I would love to pitch you some ideas if so.

    I’m a contributing author for a pretty large financial site, and I’ve written about family/home safety there a bit and I’m looking for more opportunities to write in that space.

    Since September is National Preparedness Month, I just wanted to reach out and see if you were planning anything.

    Are you the right person to contact about this?


  2. This guest post page is so refreshing. You are very honest and you outline what is required so clearly. It is so true about lying and saying they love your site. I get 2 or 3 emails like that every day. As Greg pointed out, those people are using some online software to email you. I am going to prepare an idea for a guest post and email it over to you soon!

  3. Ok..I just read your full requirement and i will write according to your requirement and i hope you will accept the article. I will send you very soon. It will be 100% unique and i am thinking to write about gun. I will inform you when i will able to finish it.

  4. What a refreshing guest post page. There are tools for everything and one of them is mass emailing. So when you feel you are getting sent an email that reads like a template… it’s because you probably are.

  5. God Bless the tinkers of the world. I love to see someone like me who see something (usually a peace in some ones trash) and things I can fix that or make something else

  6. Your cheese making was the best I have ever seen and you were professionally charming . Have you ever thought of using a small crock pot for heating up your wax to coat your cheese? I use one for glazinf my chocolate truffles so the choc always stays liquid without burning.It works great! I wish you had some time to do a demonstration at my B&B in person.How much would your visit cost to Michigan ? Thank you so much.C Sammon
    [email protected]

    1. That is a very kind comment. I do try very hard to come across as helpful but without being a “know it all” My wife says on occasion I actually pull it off… The Crock pot idea is brilliant, and I will have to look for a used one in thrift stores. I haven’t used one yet because the wax residue is hard to remove and I don’t want to gunk up my wife’s crock pot…

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