So This Stuff Stays Fresh For 25 Years?

I have seen a lot of people in the food storage business touting the longevity of their food products…. 25 years?

I did some digging into the topic and what I found out was it is all in the processing and how it is stored.
The best ideas I have seen so far are 5 mil thick Mylar pouches that have been flushed with nitrogen before sealing and with the added protection of an oxygen absorber added.

Many preppers like storing food in #10 cans, and I know they give good protection also, but they are heavy, can rust, and get dented.  Additionally cans require special machinery, sop they cannot be reused or resealed, whereas Mylar can be sealed at home with a basic level of equipment.

But whatever the packaging, wither Mylar or cans, there are some things to be avoided when storing food items long-term.

Air, light, and moisture are all capable of being the downfall of your “emergency food” supplies and you will likely not find out until its too late.

In many cases, I like storing “prepared meals” of dehydrated and freeze dried ingredients. For example… A pouch of “Chicken Ala King” is an easy way to quickly and easily get a meal without having to pack all the individual ingredients to cook the same dish.

While I do, and will always, store bulk ingredients – I do like having a good amount of shelf stable prepared meals tucked away.

I have several reason for this:

  • Ease of preparation
  • Easy of clean up
  • The amount of water that can be saved rather than working with “ingredients”
  • Ease of cleanup.

So far I like Nuvona Premium the best. High quality food. All the latest healthy eating “best practices” and state-of-the-art packaging.Be sure and check out their new sample kits… Big discounts and Free Bonus Gifts too!

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