Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl

Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl
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This is a cool Glock video that features a thug who just has a hard time picking victims.  It is always better for a criminal to pick the wrong house and being dealt with appropriately than finding a house with defenseless homeoweners who become victims.

Now since somebody picked the wrong girl in this video, the characters in the commercial will help him find a new job – probably one making license plates or pulling lead out of himself.

Now realize I don’t think crime is funny, and I sure don’t think violence is funny, and I sure don’t like violence against women. but I do enjoy it when the good guy wins.  I can’t help but smile with the Glock equalizer lets a small lady win against a big thug.

Enjoy this Glock commercial.  I added it because I thought it was a pretty cool and creative commercial.  I liked it so much that I put other commercials in the same series to share them with you.

As I went back to edit this 2 years later I found that Glock made much more commercials in this series, so I guess that more people enjoy seeing the wrong house, wrong taxi, wrong guy, wrong convenience store than just me.  I hope you enjoy these videos and continue to visit my website.



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