Survival Documents (Including You Will Survive Doomsday)

Survival Documents

Survival Documents

Here are some books that the copyright owners want given away for free, if you ever have to pay money to download these, then someone is cheating both you and the original authors.

I think that everyone needs to have some survival books on hand, but I am not sure that’s a problem for the preparedness minded as many preppers I know started with wilderness survival (the other reasons I see are having kids, and having a political epiphany).

Here are the free downloads of survival documents I have attached to this post:


  • Builder’s Guide
  • Survival FAQ
  • You Will Survive Doomsday
  • Survival in Various Situations

There are not a lot of survival documents listed, but they are good ones, You Will Survive Doomsday is a classic.

As I have said repeatedly, and will say again – when I uploaded these files I checked for viruses, but you should check again just in case.

You should also note that the authors of these documents don’t mind them being shared, but they do not want them sold.  If you see them being sold as part of a collection, someone is cheating…


  1. Builder's Guide (0 B)

  2. Survival FAQ (0 B)

  3. You Will Survive Doomsday (0 B)

  4. Survival in Various Situations (0 B)

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