Swinging Chicken


1I don’t watch a lot of TV – I just don’t have time for it, but the other day I happened on “Swamp People” and saw a guy hanging a chicken from a tree in order to make what he called “swinging chicken”.

I was intrigued, and a basic internet search did not come up with much, so I pondered on what he was actually doing, what the benefits were, and per my usual alternative search terms.

Well after a little study, and the term “coffee can chicken” I figured out what was going on.

Basically, if you take a number 10 can, poke some holes (4-6) about 1 inch from the bottom of the can, place about 10 burning charcoal briquettes in the bottom, and then insert a small whole chicken double rapped in heavy duty aluminum foil, in 3 hours you have a very tender roasted chicken with very little work.

All the warnings from the sites mentioning coffee can chicken revolved around the hot can burning up the grass it sits on, so the tv personality improvised a solution by attaching a loop of bailing wire to the top and hanging the chicken from a tree.

Obviously, if you wire a can of coals and chicken to a tree limb, you have to stay nearby – I would hate for neightborhood dogs to try to get agt the chicken, upset the coals, and burn down your house…

Use some uncommon sense when trying this, but I will tell you – it is worth it, and when mixed with my cooler cooked corn on the cob, you can have a great meal without doing a lot of work…

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