DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker

DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker
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A pressure canner allows you to create very hot temperatures by adding heat to steam under pressure, this allows pressure canners to be used for all sorts of things.

In this post we will use it to sterilize equipment. An autoclave is used in hospitals and doctor’s offices to sterilize equipment, and while I am not advocating using this to sterilize equipment for home surgery – being able to sterilize things (for brewing as an example) is very useful Continue reading “DIY Autoclave from A Pressure Cooker”

Portable DIY Fishing Gear

diy fishing gearBefore I show you this DIY fishing gear I want to rant about prepper plans that are not as smart as many think.

I think that for the VAST majority of preppers, having a “mountain man plan” of bugging out to the wilderness and living off the land is a dangerous fallacy. There simply isn’t enough land to support everyone that has the skills to do so, and many more think they have the skill level but don’t. Continue reading “Portable DIY Fishing Gear”