Guest Post: Should you Buy Welding Materials One Time or the Same Time Every Year?

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Being in the welding industry can be expensive. With the cost of labor, parts, and maintenance fee increasing drastically every year, one must find ways on how they can save.

Although people in the welding industry are aware of the necessity of a regular preventive maintenance of every welding tool they have, they still make the same mistake of skipping maintenance check schedule to save money.

The common misconception of other people in the welding industry business is they can save a lot if they will skip regular maintenance check or do it when only when problems already arise.
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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials
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The first thing to know about Hazardous Materials is this:

If you see a chemical accident, call “911.” Let the professionals handle it!

I have been a hazardous materials technician for several years, and after working hundreds of events I can say for certain that no two are alike, and the minute you get comfortable is the minute you are headed into danger.

This is an area that a single prepper in a chemical suit can get themselves killed, as it takes lot of support to deal with this type of event, you need a dedicated team standing by to rescue anyone working in an hazardous material environment, as well as a team for decontamination.
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